Latest KEY poll result Trump will NEVER mention…

Going into tonight’s debate, Donald Trump holds a commanding double digit lead over Ted Cruz, and of course all the other GOP candidates. If he continues this pace, he will most certainly be the Republican nominee for president.

But that’s actually not the most important victory.

The most important win comes in November, when America actually votes for the next president of the United States.

And to ensure we don’t have another four years of damaging progressive leftist leadership, we need to defeat the Democrat candidate. The problem is, according to polls right now, at this moment, Trump ain’t that guy.

Real Clear Politics presents theoretical head-to-head match-ups on the candidates in the general election based on a number of polls and the averages do not bode well for a Trump candidacy.

Against Clinton, Trump loses by 4.7 points. Against Sanders, he loses by 9.7 points. Here are the results for the other front runners:

> Cruz vs. Clinton – Cruz wins by 0.2 (basically a tie)
> Cruz vs. Sanders – Sanders wins by 3.0

And…the only top-tier GOP candidate who can beat both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is Marco Rubio. According to the Real Clear Politics average, he would beat Sanders by one point and Clinton by 4.2 points.

It should also be noted that Carson prevails as well, plus 2 versus Sanders and plus 1 versus Clinton, but based on his overall poll numbers, and his performance in the primaries so far, that match-up seems highly unlikely.

Now of course these are only polls (which generally have their own biases), and it’s very early on in the process, but it’s just interesting nonetheless.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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