Cartoon Explains EXACTLY why young people love Bernie SO much…

One of the more memorable days from many many years ago in junior-high was when it came time to elect our class president. We had four choices, each with their own set of promises including extended recess, more lunch options, a BMX park, and obviously less homework.

Even in middle school it was obvious each candidate was appealing to his or her audience by promising free stuff (and trust me, we never did get that BMX park).

Many today still haven’t grown up and learned that some things in politics are too good to be true — hence their support of Grampa Bern (credit to Jake Fuller, 2/1/16, for this gem).

Bernie Meme

The promise of “free stuff” is at the heart of socialism’s appeal to young people — never mind the fact it has generally failed everywhere it’s tried, and it is capitalism that’s produced smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, FitBits and all the other things millennials hold near and dear.

Nonetheless, as the Daily Wire reported; 43 percent of those under 30 years of age held a positive view of socialism, while less than a third of the same demographic viewed capitalism favorably. While 49 percent of the rising generation don’t identify themselves as either capitalists or socialists, the fact that they are hostile to capitalism and warming to socialism is quite disturbing.

There’s no happy ending to the fairy tale of socialism, and let’s hope millennials don’t force us into living even four more years of this horror story.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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