Which black groups endorsed Hillary vs Bernie is VERY revealing…

Well, there’s an internecine fight going on in the progressive socialist party that will only intensify over the next few days. After a serious knockout in New Hampshire, it’s imperative for one Hillary Clinton to regain some sense of political mojo. And with the next presidential primary contest coming in the state of South Carolina, she and Bernie Sanders are turning their patronizing towards that ol’ reliable electorate of the black community. So we saw Bernie Sanders chatting up Rev. Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton went back to the trusted well of the Congressional Black Caucus.

As reported by Fox News, “Hillary Clinton picked up fresh support from a group of congressional black lawmakers Thursday, boosting her in her effort to lock down minority voter backing in the face of a serious electoral threat from Bernie Sanders.

The endorsement from the political action committee for the Congressional Black Caucus comes ahead of Clinton and Sanders’ first debate since the Vermont senator clobbered her in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Democratic primary.

The two debate Thursday night in Milwaukee, Wis., a forum hosted by PBS.

“It’s a very big deal,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said of the CBC PAC backing. Rep. Gregory Meeks, in announcing the endorsement, said Thursday Clinton has been a long-term partner who understands the racial divide.

The PAC is separate from the Congressional Black Caucus, not all of whom have endorsed Clinton. The Clinton campaign is banking on minority voter support as it heads into South Carolina and other delegate-rich states down the primary calendar. But in New Hampshire, she lost to Sanders across almost every demographic, including women.”

You know the Congressional Black Caucus calls itself the “conscience of the Congress.” So the conscience of the Congress just endorsed someone who is under investigation from the FBI, who abandoned four Americans to die in Benghazi, and was part of a false narrative to cover up what happened. Then again, what difference, at this point, does it make? And I’m still trying to understand what Rep. Greg Meeks was talking about when he referred to Hillary Clinton as one “who understands the racial divide.”

Perhaps we should consider how the Democrat Party enabled this so-called “racial divide.” It was the Democrat Party which is responsible for the decimation of the black family — only 24 percent two-parent households. It is the Democrat Party which fights against better education opportunities in the inner city — charter schools, school choice, school vouchers, home schooling programs. It is the Democrat Party that’s done a really fantastic job of destroying economic growth in the urban communities, yet expanding the welfare nanny-state in its design to increase dependence. And it is the Democrat Party that wholeheartedly stands behind the genocide of black babies — some 13 to 15 million since Roe v Wade.

But this is the “conscience of the congress” speaking and endorsing. Seems to me they represent the Democrat establishment. What kind of conscience sells out its own people for its own electoral gain?

But not to be outdone, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders picked up the endorsement of the Caribbean crooner, Harry Belafonte, as he was courting Al Sharpton. And former head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, has stepped out to endorse Sen. Sanders. It appears there’s a true divide within the black community between an old establishment and a younger “Black Lives Matter” crowd. The young folks are certainly leaning towards the 74-year-old socialist Senator.

And so it begins: who will pander the most to the black community? Who will do the best job of making blacks believe they’re still victims who need Massa and Missy to help them have a “chicken in every pot?” When was the last time anyone from the Democrat Party addressed the black community about vain victors? I find it rather odd that blacks fill up the churches on Sunday where the Bible in Romans 8:37 (NIV) states, “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Nah, not when it comes to the pandering language of victimization advanced by the party of slavery, segregation, and now socialism. Today’s Democrat Party has done far more damage than George Wallace or Lester Maddox. It has gone beyond the physical chains of bondage to the metaphysical chains that prevent the individual will and determination from reaching for the golden ring, for the heights.

Now you all know what denigrating and disparaging comments will come because folks like my wife and I sought out the American Dream that enables you to pursue your happiness because of equality of outcomes. All that Clinton and Sanders are peddling is a nightmare of guaranteeing happiness as they determine equality of outcomes.

Wake up black people! We are killing our babies. We are killing each other. We do not take care of ourselves and are dying far too early. We are becoming a new version of slave, relegated to a 21st century economic plantation. We do not need Clinton or Sanders giving us the crumbs and giving us the illusion of the hammock of dependency. We are indeed “more than conquerors.” We must be victors, not victims.

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