If there’s anything our Warriors DESPISE, it’s what they’ve just been ordered to do…

Needless to say I’m quite angered by the Iranian parade float for their 37th annual celebration of the Islamic revolution. Say, isn’t Bernie Sanders calling for a revolution in America too?

Anyway, we’re entering a time when our military is being mocked and embarrassed because of the failing national security policies of the Obama administration. If there’s one thing combat Warriors despise, it’s having to go back and conduct a “do over.” When we’ve successfully driven an enemy from the battlefield, we only ask to be allowed to pursue and crush the will of the enemy. That’s what we call rendering an enemy “combat ineffective” — defeating them.

It’s just as much psychological as well as physical. But, for the world to see depictions of our Sailors kneeling at gunpoint, crying in captivity, being mocked in parades, and having a secretary of state commending the enemy for taking care of our captured troops is, well, utterly disgusting. And it creates a psychological effect that emboldens the enemy, and demoralizes our warriors — who do not want to exist in a perpetual state of combat. They just want to crush the bad guy, and I mean mercilessly — especially so with islamic jihadists.

We shared with you earlier this week the order issued from the Pentagon that military commanders prioritize “climate change” in their military operations.

Now we bring to your attention the latest “obamination” from the Obama administration: “For the first time since combat operations were declared over at the end of 2014, a battalion of 500 U.S. Army infantrymen is being sent to southern Afghanistan’s volatile Helmand Province where the Taliban have made a comeback, Fox News has learned.

The decision, confirmed by defense officials, is a sign of military escalation in the country even as the Obama administration tries to draw down. The battalion is meant to relieve a company of 150 Soldiers, giving the U.S. Army nearly 350 more soldiers to prevent the Taliban from taking over volatile Helmand province.

The Army’s 2-87 infantry battalion, part of the 10th Mountain Division based at Ft. Drum, N.Y., was scheduled to deploy to Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan this winter — but instead will be sent to Helmand, according to defense officials familiar with the order.

The additional soldiers will provide increased “force protection” for a team of special operations forces training and advising the Afghan Army’s 215th Corps, which has suffered from desertions and poor leadership, according to the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

The 500 soldiers will not increase the overall number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. That number will remain at 9,800, according to defense officials.”

Ladies and gents, let me present to you evidence of the absurd and what happens when your confuse campaign promises and insidious political ideology with strategic military decision-making.

President Obama stupidly declared “combat operations ended” in Afghanistan as if anyone was really listening — the Taliban certainly was not. And so now we have a situation where the Taliban has resurged and controls the most territory since 2001. As a result, our brave American troops must conduct a “do over” and worst of all under the two words we hate the most: “mission creep.”

I know, the liberal progressive socialist detractors and those who fail to grasp the concept of “strike and hold” are decrying our troops having to be permanently deployed. I suppose there are those who are just so “war weary” from playing so much Mobile Strike and Call of Duty games. Our troops don’t mind deploying; they just want to be given the green light to win and drive the enemy into the dust. Last month we had a US Special Forces Team trapped, surrounded by the Taliban, and SSG McClintock lost his life. Last week the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, General Campbell, testified in a HASC hearing that he’s not permitted to engage the Taliban…in other words our forces are in a complete defensive mode.

And who came up with the 9,800 troop number? What is so magical about 9,800? Kinda like why a $15 minimum wage? The military should be given an operational task/purpose and then they construct the forces necessary to meet the mission. And let me remind you about battlefield calculus: for every combat trigger-puller, it takes some 4 to 5 logistical support troops. And I can bet if you take a walkabout around Fortress Kabul and Bagram, you’ll find more of our troops than that down range.

The real number we should demand to know is how many downrange combat troops are actually in position to engage the Taliban? But then again, the Obama administration is telling us these troops aren’t there for combat — tell that to the Taliban. And unless you’re an idiot, going into Helmand Province — well, that’s the pure definition of a combat zone. What type of combat support will this Infantry Battalion have, and I mean artillery, attack aviation (rotary wing), and how responsive will the fixed-wing close air support be? And what types of platforms are in theater to deliver close air support — A-10s being the preferable aerial delivery platform.

I’ve never played golf but I hear President Obama does it a lot. I know enough to know there’s a term for when you get a “do over” – it’s called a Mulligan. I don’t know if it’s a good thing in golf, but it’s surely not a good thing in the prosecution of combat operations. And unless we’re insane, it wouldn’t be a good thing to do this all over with another progressive socialist president, courtesy of the American Socialist Party…once known as the Democrat Party.


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