Wow: Look which former presidential candidate wants to jump back INTO race…

Remember Jim Webb, the former Virginia senator and Secretary of the Navy, who briefly ran in the race for the Democrat presidential nominee last fall?

If you watched the October Democrat debate in which Webb participated, you might’ve noticed he stood apart from the four others on the stage — at the time, in addition to Webb, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat race included Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O’Malley. Even moderator Anderson Cooper suggested Webb was out of touch with the rest of the race-to-the-left Democrats on the stage that night — and, as such, some of us on the right found ourselves most closely aligned with Webb amongst the choices on that stage.

One notable distinction between Webb and the other Democrats running was Webb’s clear support for our nation’s military and defense, perhaps not a surprise given the candidate’s own background. Indeed, while not suggesting an endorsement of anyone, Col. West made the observation that among the Democrats on the stage in that October debate, Webb was the only one who could’ve been considered for the role of commander in chief.

While Webb’s polling numbers never really got off the ground, and he quickly bowed out of the race, sources say Jim Webb may be ready to jump back in.

As CBS DFW reports:

Is he ready to run, again? Former presidential candidate Jim Webb may be ready to get back in the race. He’s expected to discuss the possibility right here in North Texas today.

CBS 11 News has learned Webb will discuss his intentions to make another run for the White House when he addresses the Dallas World Affairs Council at the Belo Mansion this afternoon.

Webb’s time as a democratic presidential candidate didn’t last long, he announced he would be joining the race for in July of 2015 and ended his bid in October. He said he was “not comfortable” with many of the Democratic Party’s political positions.

It didn’t take long after Webb quit that political pundits began speculating that he would get back in the race, running as an independent. At the time Webb, a former Virginia senator and Secretary of the Navy, also said he might explore an independent bid.

Webb’s challenge will be figuring out how to score 270 electoral votes. In the last few months, he has said that the need for an independent presidential candidate was growing more apparent each day.

Even if Webb’s chances are slim of winning the needed electoral votes as an independent, we all know the spoiler effect a third-party bid can have on the official party nominees. We’ve heard former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg may also run as an independent.

Heck, many say Sen. Bernie Sanders should run as an independent — since he’s registered as one, after all. And I know some of y’all would argue there are one or two candidates running as Republicans who might be better suited to an independent and/or Democrat run. But I’ll leave that to you to discuss…

In any case, if there’s one thing that we should know by now, it’s that just about the only thing we can expect is the unexpected. It’s going to be quite a ride between now and November.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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