“Liberal Tolerance”: Your jaw will DROP when you see what someone just emailed us…

We are constantly being told by the left that it’s conservatives who engage in “hate speech.” And if it’s not hate speech, it’s “code words.”

It is the liberal progressives who cry out for tolerance and inclusiveness. It is the delicate petals of the left who need safe spaces where they won’t be upset by Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, taco night or even gender pronouns.

But woe betide you if you exercise your right of free speech – as we do on this website – to espouse conservative values and principles, and uncover the truth about liberalism and radical Islam.

So how about this for tolerance? I received this racist, anti-Semitic email yesterday, addressed to me personally, but also calling out our staff writer, The Analytical Economist, and of course, Allen West.


Sure seems pretty hateful to me. Oh…and this person is so courageous, he (or she) sent this little missive from an anonymous address. Perhaps some of our friends in law enforcement or national security will be able to track down the sender ([email protected]) and send a love note back.

Col. West always says, if you’re catching flak, you know you’re over the target. Seems like we hit a big time bull’s eye with this knucklehead.

You know what Allen West, I, and the rest of our team say when we hear stuff like this? MOLON LABE. Dammit.

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