Hillary just got slapped with a BRUTAL indictment, and it’s not from the FBI…

After topping the polls for months in advance, Hillary squeaked a dubious win in Iowa, literally winning by a coin toss. There were signs Hillary was bracing for a loss in New Hampshire, but no one expected the beating she received, getting just 38 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 60.4 percent.

But digging through the stats and exit polls reveals some very troubling news for the Clinton campaign. Yes, Sanders outperformed her in basically every demographic except old rich people. But there’s one indicator in particular that slaps Hillary with the most brutal indictment yet — her character.

As Townhall reports, people who value honestly aren’t enthusiastic supporters..

We knew it wasn’t going to be a good night for Hillary Clinton. But, this early exit poll indicates it’s (was) a downright hellish evening in New Hampshire for the Democratic presidential candidate. Democrats in the Granite State were asked to judge the trustworthiness of Clinton and her opponent Bernie Sanders. They were almost unanimous.


You can’t really score much worse than that — and the FBI hasn’t yet finished its investigation (which they just admitted they’re doing…finally).

Maybe it’s good news that Hillary still appears to be the inevitable frontrunner. Amazingly, even after a narrow loss in Iowa and downright drubbing in New Hampshire, she STILL leads the delegate count. But If 95 percent of Democrats who value trust and honesty aren’t going to vote for her, we can hope they’ll just stay home.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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