Bernie achieved HUGE milestone last night that Democrats won’t mention…

One thing in particular has completely puzzled me about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are always the first to play the “diversity” card and highlight their racial/gender/sexual preference “firsts.” Of course they have the first black (or bi-racial) president, the first black attorney general (and the second), the first transgender employee in the White House and of course (some hope) the first female president.

So why isn’t anyone in the Democrat Party making a big deal about Bernie Sanders being the first Jew to win a presidential primary?

Sanders’ father Eli was born in Poland to Jewish parents and emigrated to the U.S. at the age of seventeen. His mother, Dorothy (Glassberg) was born to Jewish immigrant parents of Russian and Polish descent. Many of Eli’s relatives who remained in Poland were killed in the Holocaust.

Young Bernie attended Hebrew school as a youngster and celebrated his bar mitzvah in 1954. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Sanders even spent time with his first wife volunteering on a kibbutz in northern Israel.

And in possibly the oddest part of his resume, Sanders had a cameo playing Rabbi Manny Schevitz in the low budget film “My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception” where he bemoans the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn as the wedding reception guests shift awkwardly in their seats. Watch the clip below and you too will shift awkwardly.

So I ask again, so why isn’t anyone mentioning his Jewish heritage? Since a majority of American Jews are registered Democrats, wouldn’t this be a good marketing tool?

Or is being Jewish, or having a Jewish heritage, now “uncool” in the United State? My personal concern (as a woman with Jewish heritage) is that there is an unspoken rise of anti-Semitism in this country. After all, considering his policies towards Iran, mingling in mosques and open disdain for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, you can’t really call Barack Hussein Obama a friend of the Jews.

And based on statistics, it is Jews (not Muslims) who are most likely to be the victims of hate crimes in this country.

Granted, Sanders himself has said he is more culturally than religiously Jewish, but still…

I just find it odd that in these days where we must celebrate diversity and heritage, this is one thing NO one wants to discuss.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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