BREAKING: This GOP candidate takes 2nd place in tight NH primary…

It’s still early, but Fox News is projecting Gov. John Kasich will take second in the hotly-contested race for number two, behind Donald Trump’s decisive New Hampshire victory on the GOP side.

Via Fox News:

Donald Trump is the winner in the New Hampshire Republican primary and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will take second place, Fox News projects.

The battle for third, though, remains a fierce contest among three candidates – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

It is too early to project how those three will finish.

On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders decisively beat Hillary Clinton, in another setback for her campaign after she barely eked out a victory last week in Iowa. She has called Sanders to concede, a source told Fox News. 

The projections are based on Fox News exit polls and early voting returns.

On the GOP side, early returns show Kasich with about 15 percent.

Bush (12 percent), Cruz (12 percent) and Rubio (10 percent) are trailing closely behind, followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. 

It is too early to say in what order these candidates will finish.

A second-place finish by Kasich would give a major boost to his campaign, especially after he finished a distant eighth in Iowa last week. It would also deal a blow to Rubio, whose strong, third-place finish in Iowa eight days ago gave him momentum that lasted until Saturday, when Rubio stumbled in a debate.

Though not entirely unexpected based on polling, Gov. Kasich’s second-place win in New Hampshire tonight certainly gives him a boost — and shakes things up a bit in this race.

Now, who will take third?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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