WOW: Look what we discovered about Bernie’s legislative record…

There’s a lot to fear from a Sanders presidency. At a time when Venezuela’s socialist economy is simultaneously imploding and exploding, Bernie thinks the fiftieth time will be the charm if we bring socialism to America.

The policies and programs Bernie has proposed so far would add tens of trillions of dollars more to our current levels of overspending – and he’s going to have to raise more than just the taxes of “millionaires and billionaires” to fund it.

Luckily we have three branches of government in this country to balance the president’s power. Bernie’s beliefs may be crazy, but were he to win the presidency he’s likely be balanced by a Republican majority in the House and Senate.

Bernie introduced 353 bills during his sixteen years in the House and nine in the Senate. But when you read the number that passed, your faith in the American system may be restored.

As reported by FrontPageMag:

Bernie Sanders keep shrieking that we need a “POLITICAL REVOLUTION”. But what has America’s Greatest Progressive since Sinclair Lewis been doing in his sinecure in the House and Senate?

Mainly renaming Vermont post offices. At least renaming Vermont post offices more than anything else.

Bernie Sanders co-sponsored three bills that passed. One of them was “A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 35 Park Street in Danville, Vermont, as the “Thaddeus Stevens Post Office”.”

Thaddeus Stevens was a member of the Anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party who became a Republican. His class warfare politics led him to make at least one anti-Semitic remark.

But Bernie Sanders also kept busy by co-sponsoring a bill to “designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1 Marble Street in Fair Haven, Vermont, as the “Matthew Lyon Post Office Building”.

If you guessed that Matthew Lyon was an otherwise obscure progressive hero who was mainly known for making an ass out of himself, also being sent to prison under the Alien and Sedition Act, you would be correct.

The Lyon post office renaming bill happened in 2005-2006. Then Bernie Sanders rested on his laurels for 7 years, before buckling down and renaming the other Vermont post office in 2013-2014.

If he loses this election, maybe he’ll find time to rename another Vermont Post Office for Howard Zinn or Karl Marx or himself around 2020 or so. Because you know, political revolution and all that.

Whether Bernie likes it or not, he wouldn’t be able to pass any of his ideas through Congress. If he were to win the presidency, let’s hope we’d have our first laissez-faire socialist in office.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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