New Hampshire looks like a slam dunk, but here’s who REALLY needs to worry…

Today, Real Clear Politics released polling data from three different sources including CNN, UMass/7News and ARG. The numbers are really astonishing.

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders hold commanding leads – as much as 22 and 23 points ahead in their respective races.

It’s terrible news for Clintonistas, that’s for sure. Her campaign seems to be in a tailspin. Rumors abound that Democrat donors are beginning to circle the wagons for Joe Biden.

But what the numbers reveal for some of the Republican candidates is perhaps more surprising.

real clear

Governor John Kasich has taken a huge jump forward, from languishing in single digits to now rocketing ahead of Jeb Bush, and even tying with Marco Rubio for second place in one poll.

Once solid second-place finisher, Ted Cruz, is now fighting to stay even in third, and if Kasich can sustain this momentum, that will be difficult.

And the award for most worried must go to Dr. Ben Carson who is all but falling off the radar in these polls.

However, his decline brings up another key point. Why the heck wasn’t Carly Fiorina up on that stage? In all three polls, she is ahead of Carson. Why didn’t ABC include her? Is it because the left-leaning network doesn’t want to give the spotlight to a strong female candidate?

I’m afraid this is highly unlikely, but I sure would love to see a debate between Clinton and Fiorina…Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In any event, we have just begun the primary process, and as the shifting polls demonstrate, it’s going to be a heckuva ride.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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