KNEW IT: We’ve just learned the Iowa caucus results were ALTERED…

Even the paper that endorsed Hillary Clinton for president declared “something smells in the Democratic party, ” following last Monday’s Iowa caucuses that resulted in a surprisingly razor-thin margin between the two candidates.

Chaos, disorganization and understaffed precincts reported across the state, coupled with such a small margin of victory, have led to calls to audit the results.

As results continue to be reviewed, the Des Moines Register confirmed that, indeed, concerns have been flagged. And, curiously, the paper is also receiving numerous reports that the results announced in people’s precincts Monday night don’t match what the Iowa Democratic Party has posted on its official results websites.

And now, we’re learning that in at least one precinct, results were *unilaterally* changed by the Iowa Democratic party — who apparently decided on its own to shift one delegate from Sanders to Clinton, without notifying the precinct chair.

Via The Daily Caller:

The Iowa Democratic Party, which is led by a long-time Hillary Clinton campaign donor, unilaterally shifted a delegate from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in a precinct located at Grinnell College during Monday’s caucuses, The Guardian is reporting.

Nineteen delegates were awarded to Sanders and seven were awarded to Clinton in Grinnell’s 1st ward. But the state party shifted one precinct delegate from the 74-year-old Sanders to the 68-year-old Clinton without notifying the precinct chair, J. Pablo Silva, according to The Guardian.

Silva said the numbers he reported from his precinct were changed after he submitted them to a central location in Des Moines, and the he was “kind of surprised” to see the next day that the results of the precinct vote had been altered.

Though the one vote change in this precinct wouldn’t have changed the final outcome of the caucuses on its own, it does raise questions, especially given the Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman’s strong support for candidate Hillary Clinton — including a license plate that reads, “HRC 2016.”

Dr. Andrea “Andy” McGuire, who heads the state’s party, has resisted calls for an audit of Monday night’s results.

Her deafening silence is raising questions of its own, especially in light of a Daily Caller report which found that McGuire has donated more than $7,100 to Clinton’s various political campaigns. She was also co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign in Iowa. She hosted a fundraiser in her Des Moines home that same year. The former health care industry executive also drives a Buick Enclave with a license plate that reads “HRC 2016.”

McGuire did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Even if the final delegate count from Iowa is not a make-or-break for the nomination for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, a “win” overall in Iowa carries huge symbolic weight and can add make-0r-break momentum to campaigns. In addition, this one was particularly important psychologically for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her supporters who never recovered from the Iowa loss in 2008 to Barack Obama. A loss in 2016 would only reinforce the narrative that it’s 2008 all over again for Clinton.

Hence, the Clinton campaign’s aggressiveness in declaring victory quickly.

And — it appears to me, at least — hence the Iowa Democratic Party’s attempts to “adjust” a few delegates here and there to give their chosen candidate just enough of a margin to declare victory.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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