U.S. Soldier beats up Muslim rapist; GOP now REFUSES to do this for him…

I think we need to ask ourselves at this time, what are our values? I ask this question especially as it relates to our military. There is a focused persecution of chaplains. We have a Secretary of the Navy more concerned about gender-neutral duty positions than Sailors being taken at gunpoint and made to kneel, while video of the embarrassing incident proliferates across the globe. The enemy wanders terra firma and enacts countless savage and barbaric actions, but the commander-in-chief chooses to lecture about being nice.

And so I have to ask, what are our values as a nation and within our military? I have another case to present.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “Republican senators haven’t been willing to openly and aggressively clash with the Pentagon to advocate for a decorated Green Beret fighting for his career after he roughed up an Afghan police chief who was accused of repeatedly raping a boy.

With an Army decision about the soldier’s career just weeks away, Sen. John McCain, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, and Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, told the Washington Examiner they aren’t willing to use their full power as senators and block Obama’s nominations over the issue.

Instead, they are taking a back-channel approach, building on Rep. Duncan Hunter’s more confrontational advocacy on behalf of the Army sergeant.

The Army wants to discharge Sgt. 1st Cass Charles Martland, 33, for an incident in 2011 in which he beat up an Afghan police commander accused of child rape then dragged him to the perimeter gate of the outpost and threw him out. Martland and another member of his team, Capt. Daniel Quinn, say they only took action after the Afghan police chief laughed after admitting to chaining the 12-year-old boy to a bed and sexually abusing him.

Quinn left the Army, but Martland has been fighting an uphill battle to continue his 11-year career, which has included three combat deployments and several accommodations, including a Bronze Star for his actions during a Taliban ambush. It’s a particularly difficult time for Martland to lose his career: His wife is pregnant with twins, Hunter’s spokesman Joe Kasper told the Examiner.”

We shared the story of SFC Martland with y’all back in November last year, and here we are, no one is willing to do anything for him, save Rep. Duncan Hunter. And don’t forget, this Afghan police chief also beat the boy’s mother for reporting him to the Americans.

What are our values folks? What type of special cowards do we have in elected positions when they will sit back and allow this travesty of justice to occur? What message are we sending to our men and women in combat?

Here we are supposed to bring liberty and freedom while we’re punishing a man who stood up for a little boy who was being repeatedly raped. How about Barack Obama lecturing about this? And I can only surmise the American taxpayer is footing the salary of this child-molesting monster.

Are our values now subservient to those of barbarians? We see what’s happening in Europe with the rape and disrespect of women. How much are we supposed to accommodate under some insidious liberal progressive banner of multiculturalism? I want someone from the progressive socialist left — all you mouthy detractors – explain to me how this is acceptable?

Where is the New York Times? Heck, they had plenty of ink to run stories about Abu Gharaib and GITMO to tell us about consistency of values. Where is the New York Times editorial board now? What Army commander is willing to pen his name to the discharge of SFC Martland? And does the new secretary of the Army find no issue with child rape, and is willing to stand with the rapist of this boy over a decorated Army Special Forces operator?

SFC Martland embodies the Green Beret motto, De Oppresso Libre, to liberate the oppressed. What is the motto of those who would kick him out of the Army?

Where is SecDef Ashton Carter on this matter to make a definitive statement that this matter is ended and SFC Martland will be promoted to Master Sergeant and awarded a medal for his honorable actions?

Damn, the Iranian Supreme Leader just pinned medals on the IRGC Naval Commander who captured our Sailors. And we’re considering discharging our Warrior for defending a little boy from a rapist? This is totally FUBAR and we need to burn down the phones of every Member of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee to stop and rectify this action.

Where are our values as America? People who abandoned Americans to die and then lied about it sit in the White House and want to sit in the White House, and some say no big deal. We are upside down and this is very, very disturbing.

I demand every presidential candidate make a statement about SFC Martland instead of their childish antics. To date, I haven’t heard a single one mention this injustice, yet they all want to be commander-in-chief?

This is despicable and disgusting on so many levels. Stop this, retain SFC Charles Martland, and promote him to the rank of Master Sergeant in the United States Army.


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