What an illegal immigrant did to this young Marine is DAMN deplorable

I received this through one of the military email networks to which I belong, WAYMOR, Inc. It’s operated by one of my mentors, COL Wayne “Lobo” Morris USMC. The email below came to us from another Marine, Vietnam Veteran Captain Jud Blakely.

The story is pretty self-explanatory and just breaks your heart. This is the real story happening out there to Americans because of illegal immigration. This is why we should not have “sanctuary cities” harboring illegals who are causing death and injury to our American citizens. Please, if you can find it in your heart, let’s help out this Marine, Beth Wiggins. Just amazing. Just damn deplorable.

Jud here…

…and I thought as long, as hard, and as well as I could before sending this to you-all…but I have no other way to give Beth Wiggins and Eli, her young son, a helping hand.

Beth is a single mother, Eli has just turned six, and Beth is the definition of “Never Give Up.” Her resilience under the crush of what has befallen her is humbling to witness.

In her mid-30’s now and a former Marine MP––that’s right, I said Marine MP––from 1995 to 2003, Beth was also a heck of a softball player until she chose to become a mom.

Beth and Eli live in Atmore, Alabama which is 40 miles NE of Mobile on the Florida line. I know her because she was my son’s supervisor at the Airbus assembly plant here.

Paul and Beth work for a security outfit called Alutiiq (“A-loo-tick”). Beth has been with Alutiiq since she left the Corps and has been both a mentor and role model for Paul.

Three months ago Beth Wiggins was riding her motorcycle to work, was run into by a drunk driver on I-65, barely survived, and had to have both legs amputated at the knee.

The drunk driver––it was a hit and run––was found by the police and turned out to be an illegal from Mexico. No insurance, of course, and he’s now vanished into the wind.


Beth is blessed with great parents and close siblings…but with over $200,000 in medical and rehab bills, Beth is finding out that dealing with insurance companies is a battle.

And so…I ask that you consider sending Beth Wiggins a few bucks via this link to a GoFundMe.com account set up for her by several of her co-workers and former Marines.

Click here for the GoFundMe account details. These guys have been able to raise about $9,000 to date.

This woman and mother is just a marvel of friendship, leadership, and will to succeed.

Thank you…and Semper Fi,


I truly hope you can help Beth out. Please click here if you can find it in your heart.


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