We’re DOOMED: Look what happens when college kids are asked WHY they support Bernie

The socialist phenomenon that is Bernie Sanders continues to take our constitutional republic by storm. The latest national poll shows him nearly even with the presumed Democrat anointed one, Hillary Clinton, and — more surprisingly — faring favorably against potential GOP opponents.

It’s widely known that 74-year-old Sanders is hugely popular among college students; even the Queen herself openly referred to his popularity with “younger people” in last night’s Democrat debate.

Besides the allure of free stuff, you might wonder, why are so many college students lining up behind this old white guy? Fox News’ Jesse Watters set out to find out the answer to this question.

Turns out, apparently these kids don’t know really know why they support him either.

Via The Blaze:

During a segment on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Thursday, Jesse Watters asked students at the University of Oregon why they support Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who describes himself as a Democratic socialist. 

“Why do you like Bernie?” Watters asked one student. 

“He’s a great congressman,” the student said. “He’s a senator,” Watters replied. 

Watters asked several students which of Sanders’ policies they support. 

“That’s so hard to, like, pinpoint,” one answered. 

“I think my favorite of his would probably be his health care policy,” another said. 

“I really like his redistribution of wealth policy,” one replied.

Watters also asked the kids what the term, “Democratic socialist” means. And while they appeared not to really know the meaning, they agreed we “actually need more of that.”

See for yourself — it might be funny if it weren’t so sad and scary.


Yes, folks, here we’re seeing the fruits of the generation honed by participation trophies and “safe spaces,” coming out of institutions of higher learning that have gone from instilling critical thinking to brainwashing liberal ideology.

Kinda makes you wonder why college is even a useful institution for these kids anymore. Certainly doesn’t seem to be equipping them with sharp analytical abilities.

We’re doomed.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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