STUNNING: New statistics about Ted Cruz NOBODY will talk about

I was listening to Mark Levin’s radio show last night during which he expressed his frustration with how the GOP has allowed itself to be mired in meaningless “scandals” at the expense of making a clear case for conservatism and addressing policy. I agree with him. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that despite having a very strong lineup of candidates, on tp of 8 years of disastrous progressive liberalism, we could be in danger of losing this nation to a SOCIALIST?

While the media (even on our side) obsesses over tweets, there are critical issues we should be discussing. But that doesn’t meet the media’s agenda. Nor does having a strong conservative do well.

Levin pointed out some statistics from Iowa, as reported by the Weekly Standard, which you’ll find shocking.

As has been widely reported, Donald Trump’s appeal has mostly been to blue-collar voters, and he has risen to the top of the polls by blasting open-border immigration policies and the business-as-usual way of Republican—and American—politics. It is therefore striking that the Iowa entrance polling suggests that Trump lost among blue-collar voters (or, more specifically, among voters without college degrees) to Ted Cruz.

[Levin points out that two-thirds of the population do NOT have college degrees, so this a crucial data point]

According to entrance polling, among the roughly half of all Republican voters without a college degree, Cruz won 30 percent of the vote, eclipsing Trump’s 28 percent. Marco Rubio was a distant third, winning the support of just 17 percent of voters without college degrees. Cruz did 5 points better among voters without college degrees than among college grads (30 percent to 25 percent), while, among all candidates included in the entrance polling (Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders), Rubio was the candidate who had the lowest portion of his support come from those without college degrees—he did 10 points worse among voters without college degrees than among college grads (17 to 27 percent).

According to the entrance polling, Cruz also fared better than Trump or Rubio among younger voters. Among voters under the age of 30, Cruz won 26 percent of the vote to Rubio’s 23 percent and Trump’s 20 percent. Among voters in their 30s and early 40s, Cruz won 30 percent of the vote to Trump’s 23 percent and Rubio’s 21 percent. (Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton got clobbered among younger voters, winning less than 30 percent of the vote among those under the age of 45.)

When the establishment pundits like to talk about which candidate is most “electable” it sure seems like they’re really saying who’s more “palatable” – to themselves.

You probably won’t read about these numbers anywhere else because the establishment is petrified of a Cruz presidency. And it’s much easier to talk about Dr. Carson’s clean shirts, Megyn Kelly’s hair or Donald Trump’s tweets.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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