Guess which GOP candidate Bernie HOPES is nominated?

Another Democrat debate (err… “presidential town hall”) that few actually heard about was held last night. At one point in the town hall Bernie Sanders revealed the Republican he hopes to run against in the general election – and it would mean a battle of populists on both ends of the spectrum.

Via IJ Review

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has named who he wants to challenge in a general election, and boy it’s a doozy.

During the CNN Democratic presidential town hall on Wednesday, he told Anderson Cooper that he wanted to face Donald Trump head-to-head, but not before throwing a few punches.

Sanders prefaced his challenge:

“It is not only his bigoted remarks against Latinos, suggesting Mexicans coming into this country are rapists or drug dealers. Or his absurd remark that we should not let Muslims into this country.”

Sanders also criticized Trump’s views on the minimum wage and climate change, sarcastically calling Trump “a well-known scientist.” Then, he let it be known:

“I think — and I would love the opportunity, frankly I’m prejudiced, I want Trump to win the Republican nomination — and I would love the opportunity to run against him. I think we would win by a (lot).

And while Trump has spent most of his time attacking the likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, he’s up for the challenge:

It certainly would be an iconic debate. The candidate who bemoans the supposed evils of millionaires and billionaires against what he sees as the personification of what he’s raging against.

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