People are saying they’re DONE with Rush after what he said about this candidate

In this election cycle’s anti-establishment fervor, any association with so-called establishment anything would appear to be the kiss of death in the minds of some voters.

So conservative talk icon Rush Limbaugh’s comments praising Marco Rubio are making waves with some voters.

Via Breitbart:

Rush Limbaugh offered rare praise for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) today on his show, after watching Rubio’s speech following the Iowa caucuses last night.

“He was the first to get out there. He hustled to get out there. As such, it made him look like the winner,” Limbaugh said on his show this afternoon. “He had energy. I thought it was a great speech that Rubio gave last night. It was energetic.”

Limbaugh told listeners that he felt like a “lone wolf” for appreciating Rubio, because so many people were angry at him for pursuing amnesty in the Senate with the Gang of Eight.

“I don’t see Marco Rubio as anything other than a legitimate, full-throated conservative,” Limbaugh continued, “Nobody’s pure, and nobody is ever free of making mistakes.”

“Marco Rubio I really like. I like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX),” Limbaugh said. “There are any number of people in this campaign, two or three people, if they win, I’d be happy.”

Limbaugh said that the establishment rallying around Rubio would likely hurt him with some voters.

“[T]he establishment does have their candidate, and it looks like it is going to be Rubio. And, as such, Rubio is gonna end up becoming an enemy of several Republican — or many perhaps potential Republican— voters,” he said.

And, it turns out, even Rush’s praise of Rubio — though not anywhere close to an endorsement or suggestion of it — is raising the ire of many commenters on the Web. They accuse Rush of not being a “true conservative” or one of the Washington “elites.”

However, anyone who listens to Rush with any regularity knows Rush has not endorsed any one candidate — and, in fact, may give more airtime (and positive commentary) to anti-establishment darlings such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The backlash Rush is receiving over the three words he uttered about Marco Rubio — “I really like” — speak volumes about the sentiment swelling in this election cycle.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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