BREAKING: Another GOP candidate dropping out, set to endorse…

On the heels of Rand Paul’s announcement this morning, we’re expecting another GOP presidential candidate to drop out of the race today. This time, reports are that Rick Santorum’s announcement to end his presidential bid is imminent. However, unlike Paul, Santorum is expected to endorse another candidate as he leaves the race.

Via CNN:

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is ending his presidential bid, two Republican sources told CNN. 

He is expected to make the announcement Wednesday night and will endorse a candidate.

Santorum won the 2012 Iowa caucuses and ended that race with the second-most number of delegates to eventually GOP nominee Mitt Romney. But he was unable to capture any momentum this year, despite extensive barnstorming efforts in Iowa.

He is the third Republican presidential candidate to drop out after Monday’s caucuses. Mike Huckabee ended his campaign that night, and Rand Paul suspended his campaign Wednesday morning.

Santorum will endorse a candidate for the nomination, two GOP sources said. He, along with Huckabee, previously appeared with Trump at the billionaire’s event for veterans that was held opposite the Fox News debate in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday.


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