People are saying this video PROVES Hillary Clinton didn’t actually WIN Iowa…

Even as Hillary Clinton does her victory lap on the news circuit, proclaiming last night a “great, great night,” many are still wondering if we actually know the true results from — and which Democrat candidate actually won — Iowa’s caucuses.

As the Washington Post reports, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is launching a review of the razor-thin margin in last night’s first-in-the nation caucuses.

“As an empirical matter, we’re not likely to ever know what the actual result was,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s campaign manager, who cited as complicating factors the narrow margin, the “arcane” rules of the caucuses, the delayed reporting of some precincts and the technology used to reports the results.

We reported earlier about missing precinct data that could account for as much as 5% of the total.

And then there’s this.

Via The Blaze:

Though the Hillary Clinton campaign is claiming victory in Iowa following Monday’s caucuses, a video from one Democratic caucus event is leading some observers to question whether she actually won the state. And several Democrats are now raising allegations of voter fraud.

At Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders asked for a recount and didn’t get it.

Drew Gentsch, the Des Moines District 43 Democratic caucus chairman, told the assembled crowd at the high school that the count from that precinct would not make a difference in the state delegate count.

The video that someone uploaded onto the C-SPAN website carries the headline, “Clinton Voter Fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus.” The description states, “Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus.”

Mediaite touted the story with a headline saying, “Video Raises Questions About Voter Fraud in Iowa Caucus Sanders/Clinton Vote.”

See for yourself — and note the caucus chair (in the rust-colored sweater and glasses is a Clinton supporter, as you can see when he asks the Clinton team to be sure they’d counted his vote).

One Reddit user broke down what happened in the video this way:

So basically in the caucus they have to hand count everyone depending on what side they’re sitting on. Well when it came time to do the second count the numbers were off. The first vote breakdown was like this

FIRST VOTE: 215 Sanders 210 Clinton 26 O’Malley 8 Undecided 459 TOTAL

And this is the SECOND Vote: 232 Clinton 224 Sanders 456 Total

So somehow they lost 3 people but Clinton’s vote went up by 14. [Note: Clinton’s actual vote actually went up by 22, from 210 to 232, for a net gain of 13.]

So basically what had happened was Hillary’s team didn’t take the time to do a full recount instead she just added the new people who joined the second vote. Which clearly wasn’t an accurate count.

The Blaze continues:

In a widely reported statement from the Clinton campaign Tuesday morning, Clinton campaign state director Matt Paul said the former secretary of state defeated the Vermont senator.

“Hillary Clinton has won the Iowa Caucus. After thorough reporting — and analysis — of results, there is no uncertainty and Secretary Clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates.”

TheBlaze called Gentsch Tuesday, but he did not immediately return the call. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns and the Polk County Democratic Party also did not immediately respond to inquiries from TheBlaze Tuesday.

Even if you walk away from seeing the above video believing there was no fraud, or even peculiarities, occurring in Polk County that favored Hillary Clinton, how much confidence in the process overall were you left with?

We already know Hillary — heck, anyone named Clinton — and her supporters (including Democrat National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman Schulz) will do whatever it takes to give the Queen her “turn” at the White House. And our electoral process is fraught with gaps for them to exploit — gaps that the Democrats make sure to keep that way.

As The Washington Post continues on the topic of Sanders’ review of last night’s caucuses:

The Sanders review may not have any practical effect on how delegates are awarded, but “I think everybody has an interest in making it as accurate as possible,” Weaver said.

I think what WaPo meant to say was, everyone except Hillary Clinton and her supporters, that is.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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