BREAKING: Look which U.S. Senator is set to endorse Trump tonight

A day after his surprise second-place finish in Iowa, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump is looking ahead to the New Hampshire primaries next week. And tonight he’s receiving an endorsement from one senator from that neck of the woods. Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown would be the first U.S. Senator to formally back Trump.

As The Washington Post reports:

Former Massachusetts senator Scott P. Brown, a moderate Republican who two years ago ran for Senate in New Hampshire, will endorse Donald Trump at a rally here Tuesday night, one week before the state’s presidential primary.

Brown’s decision has been closely guarded for days, but it was confirmed by two people familiar with the event, where Brown will appear onstage with the candidate.

When reached early Tuesday afternoon, the Trump campaign’s spokesperson would not discuss the rally or possible guests. Brown was unavailable for comment.

Brown’s move could give Trump a significant boost one day after the mogul lost the Iowa caucuses to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Although Brown was defeated in his senatorial bid here, he has been a popular GOP figure in New England ever since his stunning, come-from-behind victory in Massachusetts’s special election to fill the Senate seat in 2010.

Brown is also a favorite of many establishment Republicans because of his centrist positions, including support for abortion rights and for a ban on assault weapons. His profile and personality, however, are blue collar and populist. He drove a pickup truck during his Senate bids and is a habitué of Cheap Trick concerts.

On the one hand, an endorsement from a GOP senator popular in New England should be a feather in Trump’s hair hat for next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries. On the other hand, however, Scott Brown’s popularity with establishment types may shine less favorably on this GOP candidate whose skyrocketing popularity has been largely fueled by anti-establishment sentiment. Similarly, an endorsement from Brown — with his centrist positions, such as abortion rights and ban on assault weapons — may provide more fodder for those who question whether Donald Trump is a “true conservative.”

All you Trump supporters out there, what say you?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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