CLUELESS: Watch Hillary supporters react to Karl Marx as her VP pick

Wow. This is really scary, especially knowing that tonight officially marks the start of the election “season.”

If you’re a frequent viewer of O’Reilly, you’ve no doubt seen Jesse Watters’ sadly funny “man on the street” interviews with random clueless Americans. Well, here’s another one that’s tragically hilarious as well.

Media critic Mark Dice was out and about in San Diego, California where he told folks there that Hillary Clinton had picked Karl Marx, her “economic adviser,” as her VP running mate but a few more signatures were required to endorse the decision.

Never mind the fact that no signatures are required for that decision or that Karl Marx has indeed been dead since 1883, these absolutely oblivious citizens were happy to oblige with one woman saying Marx would “boost her candidacy credentials.”

When another man was told that Marx has also been advising Obama for many years he replied, “She gotta step up, I don’t like to see what Trump been doing.”

This morning, Col. West pondered the real possibility that Americans on the left could actually choose avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, as their candidate for president.

Apparently there are some who’d enthusiastically vote for Karl Marx as well.

(H/T to Infowars)


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