Say WHAT? Look who Hillary’s campaign manager believes will be the next president

It’s coming time for Hillary to call it quits. Her lead in the Democrat primary is tanking at a faster rate then when she ran in 2008, and the bad news keeps piling on.

If the comments from her campaign manager are any hint, the primary is taking a toll on her. Last week Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle “confirmed in a recent interview accusations by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that Clinton is ‘low energy.’ Solis Doyle also said Clinton doesn’t like interacting with voters and prefers the company of policy ‘experts.’”

This week, Robby Mook, another Clinton campaign manager was quoted as saying who he believes the next president will be – and it isn’t Hillary.

Via The Gateway Pundit 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager predicts a Donald Trump victory in November if he wins the GOP nomination.
The American Mirror reported: In a stunning admission, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager predicts in an email that Donald Trump will become president if he wins the Republican nomination.

“If Donald Trump takes the Republican nomination, our party will lose more than the presidency,” Robby Mook writes to supporters.

“Years of progress will be ripped away. Obamacare will be repealed. Marriage equality will be rolled back. Get excited to visit the wall on the Mexico border — and get ready to pay for it if President Trump can’t magically get Mexico to cough up the cash for it.”

While Mook stokes fear over an apparently inevitable Trump presidency, he’s also panicking over a surging Bernie Sanders.

Hello Joe Biden?

[Note: This post was authored by the Analytical Economist]

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