Quentin Tarantino’s NASTY comments about police just backfired BIG TIME

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was put in the spotlight last October after making comments about police brutality that many interpreted as being anti-law enforcement.

He couldn’t seem to keep his story straight.

On November 7th Entertainment Weekly quoted him as saying “They’re saying I’m a cop-hater, which is slander, because I didn’t say that. And they’re implying that I meant all cops are murderers. The thing that’s sad about it is that we actually do need to talk to the cops about this.”

The next month on December 21st, in an interview with the same exact source he said that he “completely rejects” the “bad apples” argument that only a small number of police officers behave inappropriately on the job.”

Various police unions threatened to protest the release of his newest film “The Hateful Eight” as a result of the criticisms, but they never materialized. Apparently neither did an audience for the film, which quickly flamed out at the box office.

Now Tarantino is taking a hit from even closer to home: his father.

As The Guardian reports:

Quentin Tarantino’s father has promised to give 10% of the proceeds of Prism, a forthcoming independent movie he has written and directed, to the Los Angeles Police Protective League, in response to his son’s comments about police brutality.

Tony Tarantino, the estranged father of the “Hateful Eight” director, told the New York Daily News: “Quentin’s ignorance [about] law enforcement and his inciting so much hate towards [police] really infuriated and upset me to the point where speaking out is not enough … That is where the idea came from and we have worked on it since then to logistically put it together.”

Prism, which is described as “a drama about law enforcement fighting drug cartels”, is based on the novel Color of the Prism by Thomas J Nichols. Tony Tarantino is credited as writer, director and producer, and also has one of the lead roles. He is hoping to secure a December release slot for the film.

It’s a shame the apple fell this far from the tree.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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