What White House just said about Hillary has FBI ‘SUPER PISSED OFF’

In what was an extraordinary “Friday news dump,” yesterday the State Department revealed some of the most damning info yet about Hillary Clinton’s emails. As we reported, some of the emails the former secretary of state sent and received from her private server are so “damaging,” they will be withheld from the public in their entirety. Also being withheld are 18 emails between Secretary Clinton and President Obama himself.

While many of us — including experts on the matter — saw yesterday’s revelations as some of the most damning yet for the Democrat presidential frontrunner, White House press secretary Josh Earnest nonetheless suggested Hillary Clinton is not the target of the FBI’s current investigation.

And, apparently, the FBI is good and mad — ‘super pissed off’ — about Earnest’s comments.

H/T to The Gateway Pundit:

[Fox News’] Catherine Herridge reported:

That statement by Josh Earnest has got the back up of our contacts at the FBI and Justice Department for two reasons… They are SUPER PISSED OFF to use a technical term. Number one, Josh Earnest has absolutely no clearance or visibility in the FBI investigation. Number two, they say it really seems part of a troubling pattern from the White House because the president earlier said he did not see any national security implications to the Clinton emails and then we found out he had never been briefed.


Josh Earnest says he’s not going to weigh in in any way, but yet that’s exactly what he and the president continue to do.

As Catherine Herridge notes, for the FBI — led by Director James Comey, known for aiming to stay out of the political fray –the whole idea is not to make this even more political than absolutely necessary.

But with a White House that immediately jumps to politicize tragedies (like San Bernardino) for its own agenda before the bodies are even cold, we have to assume just about anything it does is politically motivated. But with no love lost between President Obama and Hillary Clinton, you have to wonder what the Obama administration’s true agenda is here. The timing of yesterday’s revelations, coming just three days before the first caucuses in Iowa couldn’t be much worse for the presumed Democrat nominee. Is the Obama administration trying to cripple Hillary on the one hand, while pretending to support her, on the other? Hmmm…

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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