Whoa: Look who else will SKIP the debate if Trump isn’t there

Donald Trump skipping tomorrow’s Fox News debate has dominated the headlines. His feud with Megyn Kelly continues – and he also believes that networks have been taking advantage of his appeal and selling advertising at a premium.

Trump is instead hosting a separate event during the debate which will raise money for wounded veterans.

So what does this mean for Fox?

As the Gateway Pundit reported, when Greta Van Susteren held a poll on Fox, 83 percent said they would not watch the debate without Trump.


So what are the odds that Trump ends up doing the debate? Polls like this certainly give Fox an incentive to retain him.

This isn’t the first time Trump threatened to boycott a debate. Back in November he threatened to boycott CNN unless they donated $5 million to Wounded Warriors. His argument was similar – that the network was drawing in an enormous amount of traffic attributable to his appearance.

As for if he’ll actually skip – I’ll have to see it with my own two eyes before I believe it.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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