Trump’s not the first: LOOK who else skipped Iowa debate in past…

On Tuesday night, GOP presidential frontrunner, once again, dominated the news cycle after announcing he’ll skip the final GOP debate before next week’s Iowa caucuses.

The announcement naturally has caused quite an uproar, with many conservatives accusing Trump of “taking his ball and going home” because of his personal issues with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly — showing his “true colors” — and thereby depriving Iowa voters of a last chance to hear Trump debate his fellow candidates.

Others, however, applaud Trump’s plan to do an event for veterans in lieu of the debate. And many are vowing to skip the debate given Trump’s absence.

Turns out, Donald Trump isn’t the first GOP candidate to skip the last debate before the Iowa caucuses. Ronald Reagan did, too.

Now, let me be clear up front: this is NOT intended to draw a general, wide-ranging comparison between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Let me repeat that: please do not interpret this as drawing a general comparison between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.

But in the context of the mechanics of the race itself, it’s an interesting historical detail to note.

H/T Gateway Pundit:

Trump is not the first Republican candidate to skip a debate.

Ronald Reagan skipped the Republican debate ahead of the 1980 Iowa caucus.
Bloomberg reported:

Trump isn’t the first top-tier presidential candidate to skip a debate. Ronald Reagan did not attend a Republican debate ahead of the 1980 Iowa caucuses, which he lost to George H.W. Bush. Reagan went on to the win the nomination and the presidency.

Reagan went on to win in a landslide.
reagan 1980

So, I’m curious to hear from y’all: what’s your view on Donald Trump’s decision to skip the Fox News debate? And would you like to see Trump take up Ted Cruz on his challenge to a one-on-one – mano a mano – debate instead?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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