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When Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, we all know that in the general election liberals will claim any opposition to Hillary is motivated by sexism.

We also know there are many low information voters out there who will be motivated to vote for Hillary based on the sole fact that she’s a woman (though I can’t imagine any of the women who do this would vote for a Republican women for such an arbitrary reason).

The good news is that this won’t be as much of a problem as it could be. Hillary’s scandals have caught up to her, and her perceived dishonestly was even the subject of a question at the recent Democratic Town Hall.

Just south of 60% of Americans agree that Hillary Clinton is dishonest, and as the Hollywood Reporter found, the world’s power women are among those sharing that view:

If one thing largely unites Hollywood’s power women, it’s the belief that sexism denies them salaries equal to those of their male counterparts — and keeps them out of studios’ uppermost executive suites.

That belief, and the resentment it engenders, has fueled ongoing controversy in the entertainment industry and in part energized Hollywood women to become the most consistent financial backers of female political candidates. So why are so many of them still withholding donations from Hillary Clinton at a time when she stands such a strong chance of becoming America’s first woman president?

According to the most recently filed Federal Election Commission reports, only one in four women on THR‘s Power 100 list had given to Clinton as of Sept. 30. None so far has contributed to her closest competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Fourth-quarter data is set to be released at the end of January.)

Experienced fundraisers point out this might be because industry donors often wait until late in the cycle to write huge checks. But one major Hollywood female executive and Democratic insider who asked not to be named tells THR that enthusiasm for Clinton is lagging and her campaign “hasn’t been doing a very good job reaching out to power women.”

Some Hollywood power women are reluctant to give Clinton cash for a range of reasons. “They don’t like Benghazi,” says one female dealmaker. “They don’t like the way she’s handled Bill’s infidelities. They don’t like the email scandal. All these things have created a lack of trust.”

Such reservations notwithstanding, “Every woman I know who hasn’t given to her feels guilty about it,” says the industry dealmaker. “We all want a woman to be president — some of us just wish it were someone else.”

The picture isn’t any rosier for Hillary when we look at the average women. A USA Today poll found that women aged 18-34 prefer Sanders over Hillary by a 19 point margin.

Women in America would love for us to have a female president – they’re just not desperate enough for it to happen that they’d give Hillary the title.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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