OOPS: Town hall participant just exposed how blatantly CNN is propping up Hillary

If you had any residue of doubt that CNN is actually the Clinton News Network, last night’s Democrat town hall the network hosted should have removed it.

I made the mistake of tuning in, and I’ll never get those two hours back. And never have I seen such a shameless showcase created for just one candidate by the media. Like one terminally-long informercial for Hillary Clinton.

In case you missed it, each of the three Democrat candidates was given one-on-one time with CNN host Chris Cuomo, which included questions posed directly from members of the audience. CNN made the point up front that the candidates weren’t given the questions up front and were not prepared.

And to give you a sense of how the various candidates were questioned, while Sen. Bernie Sanders was probed on how he would pay for free college tuition, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked which former president has inspired her most and why. Yes, I’m not making this up.

It was in the asking of Clinton that particularly marshmallowy-soft question that it was revealed what we all suspected: the network itself had a hand in making sure the “right” questions went to each candidate.

H/T Weekly Standard and W/Z:

One of Secretary Clinton’s last questions at tonight’s CNN townhall debate came from a young Iowan by the name of Brett Rosenberg.

Rosenberg, a bit nervous, began: “Secretary Sander… Clinton… Oh, sorry.”

“That’s OK,” Clinton responded.

The flub drew laughs from the crowd, but the participant in the CNN town hall then suggested that the question had been fed to him:

I can see why they gave you this question… I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why…

Clinton responded: Abraham Lincoln.

Tonight’s town hall was hosted by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the brother of the Democratic governor of New York and the son of a former Democratic governor of New York.

You can watch the clip below:

W/Z also noted CNN guiding the audience to practice clapping — since the candidates themselves couldn’t be relied on to inspire audience clapping.

Brett Rosenberg, the student in the clip, later confirmed the question was his own, but that CNN had chosen for Clinton to be the one to receive it.

We suspected going into last night that CNN had orchestrated this last-minute primetime forum to help save the tanking Queen, and last night’s display proved it. It was all just one big showcase to allow Hillary prime time to promote herself, unchecked.

And we thought orchestrated displays of “spontaneity” to make a leader look good were the domain of dictators in places like North Korea… Hmmm.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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