Here’s why Jerry Falwell’s endorsement of Trump doesn’t matter

The last thing Donald Trump seems to have is an endorsement problem. His supporters include everyone from activist investor Carl Icahn, to Mike Tyson, Lou Ferrigno, Hulk Hogan, Ted Nugent, Charlie Sheen, and hundreds of others. Who thought we would ever see a line up like that supporting a Republican?

After the high profile endorsement from Palin last week, Trump today received the support of Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of the late televangelist.

In a statement, Falwell called Trump “a successful executive and entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again.”

But does this really matter? Well, if Trump felt he needed Falwell’s blessing to bring in evangelical voters, he doesn’t…because he already has them.

Politico reported that in an NBC News/Survey Monkey weekly online tracking poll (released before the Falwell announcement) “among white evangelical Republican voters nationally, Trump earned the support of 37 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father is a pastor and has played a key role in recruiting faith leaders to support his son, is at 20 percent. In the same survey conducted the previous week, Cruz registered 9 percentage points higher. Below the top two contenders, Ben Carson earned 11 percent among evangelicals, and Marco Rubio took 10 percent.”

Looks like faith-based voters may have already identified their candidate.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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