Looks Who’s DEAD SET Against Voting for Hillary…

It’s been long joked that the dead vote Democrat voter fraud is predominantly carried out by liberals, and one tactic is to vote as dead voters who are still registered. No wonder they’re so opposed to voter ID.

We’ve previously reported on Hillary’s popularity tanking. In fact, her lead is falling at a faster rate this election season than it did in 2008.

As the Washington Post reports, things are getting so bad that Democrats are even losing their dead demographic.

If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that I’m not meant to vote for Hillary Clinton. Stephen Ryan of New York (“In lieu of flowers, please don’t vote for Hillary”), Arnold Mininger of California (“In lieu of flowers, please don’t vote for for Hillary”), Michael Klein of Michigan (“Opinionated (please don’t vote for Hillary!), outspoken, sometimes even a little bit grumpy”), Elaine Fydrych of New Jersey (“In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.”),Eddylou Brown (“In lieu of flowers, please don’t vote for Hillary”) and Karl Kmentt of Ohio (“His only regret is NOT being able to vote against Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election”) made that perfectly clear. Sorry,Harold Cecil of Florida! Your final “special request” to “please vote for Hillary in 2016” was outnumbered. This is, after all, a democracy.

This trend of telling the world how to vote after you are dead appears to be fairly recent in provenance, but maybe it’s just that the internet allows all of us to pass these things around more easily. In the year 2000, there were a few news stories about guys (it’s usually guys) asking people to vote for George W. Bush (it’s usually pro-Republican). James Hollister and James Fete both worked Dubya into their obituaries; Hollister included a plug for Cheney. In 2004, Stephen Shepard’s children celebrated his memory by running an item in the Hartford Courant posthumously guilting voters on Stephen’s behalf. “We hope that in your memory,” it read, “all your friends and admirers will vote against Bush.” Maybe they did, but it didn’t really matter in Connecticut anyway.

The first time Clinton ran for president, Sara Buckner of Florida took space in her 2009 obituary to point out that she wanted to vote against Hillary the year prior, but Barack Obama deprived her of that opportunity.

Speaking of Obama! If you were planning your 2012 vote based on a tally of the mentions in obituaries, you would have wanted to vote for Mitt Romney.

For any readers who believe in ghosts, be warned, vote Republican or you may risk being haunted.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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