Coming to America soon: You won’t believe what Muslim refugees are doing now…

Germany has been extremely generous in opening up its borders to refugees – taking in 1.1 million (600,000 of which they’ve already lost track of). Refugees alone now compose 1.5 percent of Germany’s population. We’d have to take in more than ten million refugees to proportionally take in the same amount as Germany.

This is obviously going to significantly affect Germany’s culture and identity.

As Frontpagemag reports, it certainly hasn’t been affecting it for the better thus far:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says anti-Semitism is “more widespread” in Germany than some believe and that action is needed to “deal with it – especially among young people… from countries where hatred of Israel and the hatred of Jews is widespread.”

Merkel quoted claims made by Josef Schuster, who heads the Central Council of Jews in Germany and said last November that the a large portion of the asylum seekers entering Germany “have grown up in an environment in which hostility towards Israel and anti-Semitism are a common practice.”

Merkel echoed the claim, saying “we have to deal with it – especially among young people, with a family background from countries where hatred of Israel and the hatred of Jews is becoming widespread.” Germany attracted 1.1 million asylum seekers last year.

She said a shift was needed in Holocaust education in Germany, instead of focusing on Jewish victimhood “we need show people what the contribution of Jews in Germany… to science, culture and social and economic development.”

The hostility Jews are facing as refugees flood Europe is serious. While the media is all too happy to report on stories of so-called Islamophobia, hate crimes against Jews are much more common than against Muslims – both domestically and internationally.

France in particular is seeing a large outflow of Jews following various high-profile terror attacks against its people in that country, such as the 2012 attack on a Jewish school, a 2014 attack on a Jewish museum, and on a Kosher supermarket in Paris last year.


The figures in Germany haven’t ticked up so far – but the 1.1 million refugees are still “fresh off the boat” Don’t be surprised when a second Exodus begins this year.

[Note: This post was authored by the Analytical Economist]

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