Folks, it took less than a week for my prediction to come TRUE…

Ponder this: as part of the Iranian nuclear deal — no other way to assess this — President Obama commuted the sentences of some seven convicted dual-citizen Iranians. Now, the Obama acolytes will say they were about to be released from prison anyway. And on top of that, another 14 Iranians will not face extradition because of their crimes supporting Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

We’re all glad we got five Americans back, but in exchange for 21 criminals? Why did we not demand the release of our Americans illegally held hostage? And we still know nothing about Robert Levinson. Then recall we gave up five senior members of the Taliban for one — one — deserter. He now has been officially charged with desertion and the more serious charge of conduct unbecoming before the enemy.

And in the past week, Obama has released some 13 GITMO detainees — a batch of detainees classified as the worst of the worst. Ten are heading to Oman before returning to the Islamic terrorist hotspot of Yemen. But the most recent unlawful enemy combatant released just has to make your head spin.

As reported by the Washington Times:

The Obama administration has released one of al Qaeda’s most skilled explosives experts, a man personally praised by Osama bin Laden and who created the shoe-bomb design that was used unsuccessfully to bring down an airliner in 2001. 

The Pentagon said Thursday that Egyptian Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al Sawah, who may have known of the original Sept. 11 plot, was transferred to the government of Bosnia. Al Sawah fought with the Bosnian army in the early 1990s and eventually made his way to Afghanistan in 2000. 

Like other members of al Qaeda, al Sawah began his terrorism career as a member of the secretive Muslim Brotherhood [the group the Obama administration refuses to declare an islamic terrorist organization], which is present in the U.S. 

Al Sawah’s Guantanamo file reveals a number of chronic medical problems in 2008, when a secret profile was created by Task Force Guantanamo. Now 58, he was listed as “morbidly obese,” and at the time suffered from diabetes, fatty liver disease and chronic pain from spinal cord compression. Prison doctors urged him to get more exercise. 

In his terrorism career, he was close to bin Laden and taught classes in explosives at the al Qaeda leader’s Tarnak Farms training camp. 

In Afghanistan al Sawah developed a mine to sink U.S. ships and the shoe-bomb prototype that Richard Reid attempted to ignite while on a flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001. 

Folks, Tarnak Farms is not that far away from the Kandahar AB where I spent two years of my life. And I must ask, how much better healthcare did Al Sawah receive, as compared to our own veterans? Hmm, we built all those nice exercise facilities and soccer fields, and this guy suffered from being a lardass. It appears to me this cheeky fella has been living a very comfortable life. Wonder how many were wounded, or even killed, to capture this man? Here’s the guy responsible for us taking off our shoes at the airport to this day, and he’s free to go.

Do any of you truly believe this lifelong terrorist will somehow have a “road to Damascus” moment and repent? I read he may be obese, but quite sure his mind is functioning well. He’ll go back to doing what he knows and does best: innovative bomb training. I wouldn’t be surprised if ISIS didn’t offer him a tenured position at its Bombmaking University in Raqqa, Syria — surely Bernie Sanders would support his free tuition.

And how about the divine revelation from Secretary of State John Kerry that the billions of dollars released to Iran would go to support Islamic terrorism? As Oprah Winfrey would say, “brilliant.” I respond by saying, “Hello, McFly?” I just had to laugh when I heard Iran complaining it had to pay “bills,” so it will only actually get back $55B. And just to evidence how boneheaded we really are, we gave Iran $1.7B, which was the interest earned on their previously frozen assets — now ain’t that a daisy.

I’m quite sure there are those saying, so what, we avoided a confrontation with Iran. Hmm, I seem to remember how we used to pay the Barbary pirates tribute to leave us alone. And it only resulted in them not leaving us alone; they continued to take more Americans and ships and raised the amount of tribute. It was Thomas Jefferson — not exactly a warmongering type — who instead of paying, raised a Navy, and we defeated the Barbary States. When the enemy knows your raison d’être is centered on conflict avoidance and running away from confrontation, at any cost, it has the high ground. If a bully demands your lunch or lunch money every day and you surrender it — well, first of all, you’ll be hungry. Secondly, the bully — and perhaps others, too — will start demanding more than your lunch provisions.

So, the little fat kid with the bad haircut has decided to get in on the taking, while the taking is good.

As reported by Fox News:

North Korea said Friday that it had arrested a University of Virginia student for allegedly committing “anti-state” acts orchestrated by the U.S. government. 

In language that mirrors past North Korean claims of outside conspiracies, state media claimed Otto Frederick Warmbier entered the North as a tourist with a plot to undermine unity among the North Koreans under “manipulation” from the U.S. government. 

The report from the Korean Central News Agency said Warmbier was “arrested while perpetrating a hostile act,” but didn’t say when he was detained or explain the nature of the act. 

The University of Virginia’s website listed Warmbier as an undergraduate commerce student. A LinkedIn page under Warmbier’s name indicated that he was a third-year student at the university. 

Warmbier had been detained on Jan. 2 on a tour provided by the China-based company Young Pioneer Tours, Reuters reported.  

We’ve heard that before. Remember what the Iranians claimed about Saeed Abedini, Jason Rezaian and Amir Hekmati? So, North Korea just jumped into the Obama giveaway.

This is all Pavlovian; we continue to reward bad behavior, which means we’re going to get more bad behavior. We’re allowing the bullies of the world to take our lunch money, and we respond that, see, we didn’t get into a fight. Instead of a badge of honor, our nation has a black eye of dishonor. Recently, we suggested in a post that Barack Obama has placed a target on every American’s back. It didn’t take a week for that assertion to come to a fruition.

I’m going to say something that’ll surprise y’all, being a Tennessee Volunteer. All these folks are running for president, maybe University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Sabin should run for president. I gotta hand it to him, he knows how to win championships. He can develop winning strategies. We are losing. We need someone who’s committed to winning and despises the stench of losing.

Otto Frederick Warmbier’s unlawful arrest and detention is the result of a national policy of praising a country that shouts, “Death to America,” and captures American Sailors, making them kneel with guns pointed at them. We’re giving up our lunch money, and watching our lunch get eaten… while the Islamic terrorists are getting “morbidly obese.”


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