Liberals will HATE this gun show sign (yep, it’s hilarious)

We all know liberals are hellbent on curtailing Americans Second Amendment rights. And one gun dealer in Jackson, Mississippi is responding in a most hilarious — and I must say, quite reasonable — way.

Via Breitbart:

A gun store in Jackson, Mississippi has a new sign in the window announcing store policy is no gun sales to “Terrorists or Democrats.”

The sign contains an explanation that both groups were banned because “it’s too hard to tell the difference” between them.

According to WVLT, the sign announcing no sales for “Terrorists or Democrats” at Downrange Sporting Goods sits beside another sign that says, “If you voted for Kenneth Stokes or Barack Obama you’re too stupid to own a gun. Please find another dealer.”

Gun sign

Stokes is the Mississippi councilman who called on residents in Jackson to throw rocks at police cars to stop high speed chases in the city.

Stokes responded to the signs by referring to gun dealers as “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums.”

Funny, I consider someone who incites people to attack our law enforcement officials the “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums.” Like Stokes himself and other Black Lives Matter folks.

As Western Journalism reports, store owner Tim Wolverton told local news outlet WAPT:

“We are pro-law enforcement, pro-military, and it’s a shame for a city councilman to not appreciate the law enforcement.”

When asked why he also took a swipe at President Obama and Democrats, as well, the gun dealer responded. “They’re both anti-guns,” Wolverton responded.

Fair enough.

I also might add that we leave the selling of guns to terrorists and the likes Mexican drug lord El Chapo — in the hands of our beloved Obama administration.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]



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