Chilling: ISIS issues new warning to INVADE this country…

Criticizing ISIS as straight out of the Middle Ages describes its ideology and brutality almost perfectly (though I suspect the tyrants of the Middle Ages had a bit more empathy than ISIS).

The latest country ISIS is threatening and their justification for it goes to show it truly thinks we’re still living in the Middle Ages.

As the Daily Mail reported:

Islamic State has reportedly issued a chilling threat to launch terror attacks in Spain, declaring: ‘We will recover our land from the invaders.’

The jihadists have long made it their goal to expand their boundaries beyond Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East.

As well as plans to expand the caliphate in Iraq, Syria, North Africa and large parts of western Asia, they have previously released a map marking out plans to seize parts of Europe.

Spain, which was ruled by Muslims for 700 years until 1492, is marked out as a territory the caliphate plans to have under its control by 2020. 

The militants issued the warning in a video that shows an ancient map of the Iberian peninsula turning red, it was reported by The Daily Express.

Europe’s worst attack by Islamic militants occurred in Spain in 2004 when bombs on Madrid commuter trains killed 191 people. 

The warning comes three weeks after Spanish security officials said they had arrested more than 90 suspected Islamic extremists in 2015. 

One of those held was an inmate at a prison near Madrid who allegedly tried to recruit jihadi fighters for ISIS and threatened to bomb major Spanish cities including the capital.  

Here’s a map of the territory ISIS plans on adding to its caliphate by 2020.


Considering they’re having some money problems at the moment and cutting wages for their fighters in half, it might be a rather ambitious plan. But getting recruits in other countries to support their murderous agenda doesn’t seem to be an issue, as we’re learning all too well in the United States.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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