After our Sailors get humiliated, this happens in the Navy IMMEDIATELY

What’s in a name, and titles? Are they monikers defining who we are? Are they reflective of what we achieve? Or have they become the next battleground of progressive socialist politically-correct ideology and inane ideals of social egalitarianism?

Some states have adopted Spouse One and Spouse Two (like Dr. Seuss characters) and dropped husband and wife. We brought you the ludicrous proposal from the diversity department at my alma mater, The University of Tennessee, to drop any references to he, she, him, her, and replace them with, well, made-up crap like “xe.” Why? Because folks who were born a certain way but feel they’re something else shouldn’t be discriminated against — heck, in New York City they were talking about making it a criminal offense to refer to a transgender person in a manner deemed “offensive.”

We can all sit back and kinda laugh at this but it’s taken a very serious turn, as we’ve previously shared.

First, it was the Marines. Now as reported by Fox News, “The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good names without “men” in them. As part of the move to integrate women in all roles of the military, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has announced plans to make titles and descriptions gender neutral. That puts the time-honored name “Midshipman” squarely on the radar.

A review of the seafaring branch’s titles already underway will “ensure they were representative of all sailors and did not discriminate based on gender,” the Navy said in a statement.

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson was ordered to look at ratings that referenced ‘man’ in the title, which includes more than 20 Navy jobs. Richardson, in turn, enlisted Mike Stevens, master chief petty officer of the Navy, to take the helm.

“This is an opportunity for us to take a look at our rates to see if their names and titles best represent the Sailors and the description of their jobs, just as we have done many times in the past,” Stevens said in a Jan. 13 statement. There have been more than 700 rate name changes since the Navy’s beginning, acccording to the Capital Gazette newspaper.”

I’m quite sure the 700 previous rate name changes had little or nothing to do with gender but rather duty billet.

Ok, pardon me, but this is the Secretary of the U.S. Navy. Maybe he hasn’t been paying attention but ten Sailors were captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy and made to kneel with guns pointed at them. As well, this is the Navy, which was unable for the first time in some seven years to do an on station handoff between Carrier Battle Groups (CVBGs) in the Persian Gulf. And back to the Riverine assault boats incident – I’d suggest more training on open water navigational skills should be the priority of Mabus.

But you see, these aren’t the things which are important to a Ray Mabus; changing names is far more vital to our national security. Imagine if you’re the leadership of any of the Islamic jihadist groups who are busy killing innocent civilians — such as the recent attack by Al Shabab in Somalia — what are you thinking of the U.S. Navy? I think Ray Mabus needs to read the exploits of the U.S. Navy in the Barbary Wars. Once upon a time this young nation was being attacked on the open seas by Islamic jihadists. Secretary of the Navy Mabus is not cut from the same cloth as the venerable Stephen Decatur, certainly not on the same fortitude of John Paul Jones or David Farragut. Men such as Nimitz, “Bull” Halsey, and Spruance are probably turning over in their graves.

Now, here is the expected retort of liberal progressive left: this is a new era and should be more inclusive. People like me are just relics of a day long since past. But there is one immutable truth: as long as there is evil, there will be those called upon to defeat it.

There are many different roles to play in defeating the enemy but I think this quote attributed to George Orwell is still pertinent: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. Thanks to people like Mabus, that quote will now read “rough people.”

And this incredibly misguided belief by social egalitarians that every “job” in the military should be open to everybody is just the manifestation of the participation trophy mentality. It’s the belief that if you put on the uniform, you should get to play. Well, we don’t keep score — ahh, but the enemy keeps score and with the video of ten Sailors on their knees, they scored BIG!

Look, let’s be honest, I can’t fly a fighter jet or an attack helicopter. Should standards be altered to ensure I can? There are plenty of guys who fail out of Ranger, Special Forces, SEAL, Delta, Force Recon, and Parachute Jump schools. Why? They fail because the focus isn’t on title and gender. The focus is all about one thing: being the best and achieving above the standard. The focus is about people sleeping peaceably at night because we’re kicking the bad guy in the arse.

However, that isn’t the raison d’être of the progressive socialists. They just want to feel good, and that means ensuring everyone can play. So if they believe we need more female general officers, and the best way for that to happen is for them to be frontline fighters — then we need a change. And while we’re at it, we’d also feel better if we just had titles that made everyone equal. And so Ray Mabus is another acolyte kneeling before the altar of equality of outcomes.

I don’t give a doggone what Ray Mabus and Obama’s other errand boys believe. I’m a proud Airborne Artilleryman, not person, and it’s a title I was proud to have earned. And folks, don’t worry too much. A year from now, all this foolishness will be reversed. And instead of worrying about names, the enemy will be worried about dying…I promise you!

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