What Germany just admitted about Muslim refugees should make us VERY nervous

Originally one of the great concerns about allowing refugees in our country was our inability to properly vet them. Considering that one of the Paris attackers was able to enter the EU as a fake refugee, why would we want to take the same risk?

As we learned from the New Year’s attacks on Cologne and other cities around Europe, it’s not even the terrorists that slip through the cracks we have to worry about.

But here’s another big problem: how do we keep track of refugees once they’re in the country?

As it turns out, we can expect our government to be about as good at keeping track of refugees are they are at keeping track of illegal immigrants.

Look no further than Germany, where more than half of all refugees are unaccounted for, as reported by the Daily Mail:

The German government is unable to say where more than half of the one million asylum seekers allowed into the country have ended up, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

Government statistics show that Germany registered 1.1 million applications by the end of last year under its EASY system, which does not record much more than an applicant’s country of origin.

German Interior Ministry spokesman Dr Harald Neymanns admitted that delays in the processing of asylum seeker applications would account for some of those missing.

But he also said that in some cases refugees may not have stayed in Germany but instead gone on to a different country elsewhere in the EU. 

A third explanation is that the refugees may not have existed in the first place – because some asylum seekers have been found to apply multiple times in an attempt to get sent to the city of their choice. 

Once the applicant’s county of origin has been taken, officials assign the refugee a place where they are to be cared for, and where they can then make an application for asylum.

Of those refugees, only 476,649 – 326,529 men and 150,120 women – have so far gone through with the process and registered for asylum. 

That means more than 600,000 are unaccounted for. 

To carelessly welcome refugees into the country is to allow in a group we have no way to screen or track in any way.

He who is in favor of endangering the public in the name of political correctness, let him house the first refugee.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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