DESPICABLE: Bill Clinton isn’t the only one with a sex cover-up problem

The liberal progressive left says there’s a “war on women.” Of course anyone with half a brain knows it’s nothing more than a politicized endeavor to turn women into victims for electoral gain. It has been used, effectively, mainly because there are no voices who will stand and articulate what the real “war on women” is today. We read about the young girls and women being sold into slavery by ISIS, and yet no one challenges the “Life of Julia” champion, Barack Obama, to do anything. You see, the war on women is yet another empty progressive socialist campaign banner, like “black lives matter.” And sadly, there are those who just blindly follow along, like the lemmings they’re proven to be.

If you’ve never seen the documentary “Honor Diaries,” you should. However, the allies of the liberal progressives, the Council for American-Islamic Relations, seeks to block showings of this depiction of the real war on women at every turn. And where are those liberal feminist voices?

Yesterday there was a measure brought up on the U.S. Senate floor called American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act. As you know, it takes 60 votes to put forth a measure in the Senate. And just like with the Iranian nuclear agreement, Senate Democrats defeated the measure from even being allowed for debate.

The American SAFE Act passed the House of Representatives with a veto-proof majority, which included 47 House Democrats. The SAFE Act is all about taking a break from the wanton admission of displaced persons from Syria and Iraq. It just asked that we improve our certification process, which unless you’ve arrived from a different planet, you know the issues there.

In the last week we’ve seen two Iraqi refugees arrested on charges of supporting Islamic terror, in Sacramento and Houston. We also have a problem in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with young Somali males supporting Islamic terrorism, and departing America to fight for ISIS.

What could be wrong with developing a tiered criteria that excludes single, military-aged Muslim males — and probably females — from entry into the United States? Why not take a time out to revisit the countries on the terror watch list, or those who have Islamic terror organizations operating inside their borders?

What about refining our student visa programs and open entry visa admittance processes and procedures? And needless to say, based on the Tashfeen Malik faux pas, we certainly need to improve our fiancée visa program and ensure we have the correct level of checks and competence.

So what is hateful about these proposals? What is unreasonable, Harry Reid? The answer is nothing. It’s all about politics and the ideological agenda of the liberal progressive leftists — not the security of Americans.

And what could happen? Just look across the Atlantic Ocean, where the real war on women has landed on the shores of Europe.

In The Spectator, Swedish writer Ivar Arpi said, “It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The Germans were lucky; in Sweden, similar attacks have been taking place for more than a year and the authorities are still playing catch up. Only now is the truth emerging, both about the attacks and the cover-ups.

Stefan Löfven, our Prime Minister, has denounced a ‘double betrayal’ of women and has promised an investigation. But he ought to be asking this: what made the police and even journalists cover up the truth? The answer can be discovered in the reaction to the Cologne attacks. Sweden prides itself on its sexual equality and has even pioneered a feminist foreign policy. When hundreds of women were reported to have been molested and abused in Cologne — at the hands of an organized mob — the reaction from Swedish politicians and pundits ought to have been one of outrage. Instead, we were told that the events in Cologne were not unusual. An article in Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest tabloid, argued that it was racist to point out that the perpetrators in Cologne had been described as North African or Arab, since German men had carried out sexual assaults during Bavaria’s Oktober-fest. Another Aftonbladet article said that reporting on the Cologne attacks was bowing to right-wing extremism. Over the last week, we have been told over and over that the real issue is men, not any particular culture — that Swedish men are no better.”

This is the issue with the abject ignorance of the liberal progressive left; they will sacrifice anyone for their insidious, ludicrous, ideological agenda. They will turn an eye to any crime and evil all for the sake of multiculturalism. Because Europe had leaders, such as Obama and Reid, who felt it was hateful and right wing extremist to implement measures to safeguard their people from the Trojan horse, the results are shocking, and despicable.

Consider the response from the female Mayor of Cologne who issued a “list of rules” for young German women of her city. It was not about the savages who assaulted women, it was about the behavior and situational awareness of the women. And to know that politicians and others have hid the truth about the extent of the violence, this rampage, that has become a widespread epidemic of disrespect to the women of Europe.

The left is dismissive of the abhorrent behaviors of Islamic jihadists, and the misogyny of Muslim males. The actions are occurring everywhere, and there is no outcry, nothing done. And in Sweden, Germany, and elsewhere these actions are rewarded with social welfare benefits, even as the chants for Sharia law and destruction emanate from the recipients of our largesse, our benevolence.

And let’s not venture into the dark forest of corruption known as the Clinton Foundation, which accepts funds and donations from countries that restrict the rights of women. Yet, we hear how great a champion one Hillary Clinton is for women’s rights – but only when it comes to electoral patronage. It goes far beyond equal pay for equal work, maternity leave, and the right to kill babies.

The real war on women is before us all, and there is a certain group of political ideologues who are disregarding — actually defending — the sick, depraved behavior of military-aged Muslim males. And yesterday on the U.S. Senate floor, led by Harry Reid, Senate Democrats showed what’s happening in Europe would be just fine by them to happen here. Why?

Because the Islamist sympathizer, Barack Obama, wants his way, and not even the real war on women will preclude that from happening.

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