Whoa: This was the MOST googled question after the Democrat debate

Following Sunday’s Democrat debate, curious voters took to the internet to find out more about the candidates. We can glean what people thought about and want to learn about the candidates by what was googled afterwards.

For Hillary (and the other candidates, to be honest), the most googled question following the debate doesn’t bode well for her – and the rest of them.

As Conservative Review reported:

“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?” was the most searched question on Google ahead of the Democratic debate on Sunday night. “Will Hillary Clinton win the nomination?” is second and “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?” is the third.


Of Bernie Sanders, voters want to know “Why is Bernie Sanders so popular?” and “Can Bernie Sanders win?”

And the funniest:

For O’Malley, the question was “Why is Martin O’Malley running for President?”

People are finally becoming aware of Hillary’s scandals, and her poll numbers are tanking at an alarming rate.

Not only that, the Republican debates have been averaging over seven million more viewers than the Democratic debates.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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