We’re doomed: New poll of college grads may herald the DEATH of our republic

Just in case you needed further proof that our republic is in deep doodoo, a new poll of college graduates suggests it’s worse than we thought.

Via The Washington Times:

Nearly 10 percent of college graduates believe popular TV star Judith Sheindlin, aka “Judge Judy,” serves on the Supreme Court of the United States, a new poll has revealed.

Ms. Sheindlin, wife of fellow TV judge Jerry Sheindlin, is a retired New York judge who handles small-claims disputes on the long-running court show “Judge Judy.”

Editorial note: while it’s downright disturbing that 10 percent of those graduating from our finest institutions of “higher education” think a TV star sits on our Supreme Court, perhaps they’re onto something. Perhaps some of the social justice warriors manning our highest court could learn from some of Judge Judy’s no-nonsense, personal responsibility positions. Hmmm…

But I digress.

The poll, conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a D.C.-based nonprofit, concluded from the 1,000 surveyed nationwide that college graduates “are alarmingly ignorant of America’s history and heritage,” CNN reported.

The report, titled “A Crisis in Civic Education,” found that 47 percent of graduates also couldn’t identify the term lengths for members of Congress, and nearly 40 percent didn’t know that Congress has the power to declare war.

That’s nearly half of our college graduates who don’t understand the workings of our government. But then again, our commander in chief seems woefully lacking in this department as well…

ACTA President Anne D. Neal released a statement addressing the findings.

“Our country depends upon an educated populace; and while civic activity and service learning are important, they simply cannot substitute for substantive learning about our history and government,” she said on Jan. 13. “It’s time that colleges and universities replace their anything-goes approach to the curriculum with specific subject-matter requirements that will empower America’s next generation of leaders.”

Yeah, maybe instead of spending all their time worrying about “safe spaces” and “culturally insensitive” food in their dining halls, universities should spend a little more time on the basics.

Or is it just that these bastions of liberal ideology are getting exactly the result they’re going for? A generation of graduates who have neither the understanding or appreciation of this greatest nation’s history and workings.

Like the frog in boiling water, this is a trend that will slowly but surely kill this republic — if we don’t reverse it, and fast.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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