Liberal host drops HARSH truth about black America everyone needs to hear

Did y’all watch last night’s debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and hosted by the National Barack Channel’s Lester Holt? It was supposed to highlight issues within the black community. And since the Democrat Party has been in control of urban America for the last few decades, of course they weren’t accepting responsibility or discussing the real issues and solutions. But at least one liberal black American has found the courage to speak up.

As reported by CNS News, “Talk show host and author Tavis Smiley told C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Friday that blacks have lost ground in every leading economic category in the last 10 years [seven of which under the first black president].

“It’s depressing. You have to go where the data takes you … and what the data tell us is … that black folk have fallen behind in every major economic category,” said Smiley, who talked about his book, “The Covenant with Black America: Ten Years Later.”

Smiley cites data compiled by Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs in his book. “If you want the truth about the state of black America today, and perhaps some statement about where the future is headed, this text lays that out,” he said.

In health care, Smiley noted that the number of uninsured blacks dropped in the last 10 years from 19.5 percent to 11.8. He praised passage of Obamacare, but acknowledged that it didn’t do anything about health disparities among blacks.”

The question I have to ask is whether or not blacks were truly able to purchase their own health insurance, or is this just the result of Medicaid expansion? If the latter, then it’s not actually a statistic to tout as a real economic positive.

Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his dream, not just for black Americans, but for all Americans. And I can somewhat discuss this having been born and raised in Dr. King’s inner city Atlanta neighborhood. We’ve seen the decimation of the black family, the erosion of inner city small business growth and entrepreneurial opportunity, the forcing of black children into failing public school systems, along with the epic and genocidal number of abortions of black children.

All this results in the escalating and astonishing levels of crime, incarceration, and black-on-black crime. Of course all we hear from Democrat presidential candidates (and Democrats in genera) is the politicized and false narrative of “black lives matter.” Well, of course they do, as all lives matter. But the real phrase from the liberal progressive left should be “the black lives contributing to our electoral success matter the most.” Of course, saying so and being a black conservative means the racist, denigrating, and despicable attacks will come. You know, I ain’t really black. I am just a tool, a token.

What I am is the embodiment of Dr. King’s dream, not a token, but what he wanted to see materialize in America. And I came out of his neighborhood.

What I and others like me are is a threat to the lies told by the progressive socialist left to blacks since President Johnson’s Great Society and war on poverty endeavor.

I find it so very funny how everyone wants to talk about the failure of the war on drugs, but not a doggone soul — especially from the liberal leftists who own the Democrat Party — want to discuss the failure of the welfare nanny-state they created and expanded — especially in the past seven years. It’s the liberal left who seemingly do not want to discuss the real unemployment rate in the black community, especially teenage unemployment. And as mom used to say when using Proverbs 16:27, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.”

The black community of my upbringing was all about faith, family, education, individual responsibility, entrepreneurship, and service to our nation. Did you hear that during the Democrat debate? Uh, no. When I’d sing the worlds “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at the close of every service at Fort Street United Methodist Church on Boulevard Avenue in the Old Fourth Ward, we sang with voices resonating, stentorian, not as victims but as victors — “Facing the rising sun of our new day begun, let us march on ’til victory is won.”

Travis Smiley’s book shines a harsh light on the policies advancing victimization, not a march to victory. And anyone denying that fact is just a kool-aid drinking liberal progressive socialist.

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