Democrats’ secret plan for Hillary is working…and people have ZERO idea

The polls indicate a high chance of a Republican victory this November. Trump, Cruz, and Rubio all beat Hillary in a hypothetical head to head – and even Jeb Bush is tied with Hillary. People still aren’t sure whether they’d rather have another Bush or another Clinton.

Hillary’s uncountable number of scandals are finally catching up to her. She’s falling in the polls – and at an alarmingly faster rate than she did in 2008.

Now, given all her issues, there’s been some speculation that perhaps Democrats purposefully scheduled their debates for times when people wouldn’t be watching in order to keep Hillary out of the public eye. And you know what? Their cunning strategy is working! Nobody is tuning in.

As the Washington Examiner reported:

Ratings data for the first three Democratic debates, which began in October, show that the events are averaging 10.6 million viewers. Full ratings for Sunday night’s debate weren’t available as of mid-day Monday.

In comparison, the Republicans have had six debates starting in August, and those events are averaging 17.3 million viewers. The first GOP debate garnered 24 million viewers, the most for a primary debate ever.

Many political observers have attributed all or most of the public’s interest in the GOP debates to the presence of Donald Trump, whose knack for showmanship and willingness to say just about anything has added an air of unpredictability to the events.

Well, there’s nothing unpredictable or surprising about the Democrat debates except how carefully they’ve been buried from view. “Two were on Saturdays, and one of those was the Saturday before Christmas. The latest one was on Sunday after two big playoff football games.”

In the past election, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in the popular vote by just south of five million votes. When seven million more people are paying attention to the Republican candidates than the Democratic candidates, we have reason to be hopeful.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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