After Obama bragged about killing bin Laden last week, this happens IMMEDIATELY

Obama’s insistence on closing Guantanamo Bay is a great mystery of his presidency. While it was an issue on which he actively campaigned, I had to assume it was merely to score points with the far left. Besides, he hadn’t actually done anything to close GITMO for the majority of his presidency.

Well, that’s until now. We’re nearing the end of the Obama presidency, and the desire to close GITMO has returned. I can only imagine that he’s strategically decided to close GITMO near the end of his presidency so he bears no consequences for the carnage that will unfold with it closed.

Just consider the facts: of all released detainees, 17.3 percent have been confirmed to have re-engaged in acts of terror and 12.4 percent are suspected of re-engaging. Do you think Obama would advocate selling a gun to someone if they had a 17.3 percent chance of using it in a crime? Of course not.

As Investors Business Daily reported, Mr. “I Killed bin Laden” is giving the friends of bin Laden a gift:

On Thursday, just two days after Obama talked about how tough he is on terrorists, he authorized the release of 10% of the remaining GITMO prison population. Ten al-Qaida terrorists were freed at once, despite military warnings that they’d return to the battlefield.

All 10 are from Yemen, and all are classified “high risk.” Several were part of bin Laden’s security detail and fought U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

On Monday, the day before the State of the Union, Obama also OK’d the release of Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Awn al-Shamrani — another one of bin Laden’s personal bodyguards. He is on record telling GITMO guards:

“When I get out of here, I will go to Iraq and Afghanistan and kill as many Americans as I can. Then I will come here and kill more Americans.”

“Detainee stated he likes to kill Americans,” his dossier, previously classified “Secret,” reveals. “Detainee has also threatened to kill guard force staff on other occasions.”

The freed detainee also stated, “I love Osama bin Laden,” and would avenge his death.

Military intelligence objected to his release, arguing that he “was a sub-commander for al-Qaida forces in Tora Bora” and would “re-engage in hostilities” against the U.S.

But Obama’s hand-picked parole board, known as the Periodic Review Board, ignored the warning and deemed that he no longer poses a “continuing significant threat the security of the United States.”

Despite more than two dozen disciplinary infractions, including attempted assaults and possession of weapons, al-Shamrani was held up as a model prisoner and transferred to his native Saudi Arabia — home to most of the 9/11 hijackers and where military analysts warn that he will never be “rehabilitated” and will just end up recruiting foot soldiers for al-Qaida.

What could possibly go wrong?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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