135 DEAD in worst ISIS attack since Paris…

It was just a couple of weeks ago when everyone was touting the demise of ISIS because, supposedly, they’d been removed from the Iraqi city of Ramadi. Heard anything else from there lately? Kinda makes me believe all is not so rosy after all in Ramadi.

And just last week during his final State of the Union address, President Obama made more somewhat dismissive statements about ISIS, IS, Daesh — whatever — referring to them as bearded blokes riding in the back of pickup trucks.

He said we shouldn’t give credence to this threat because it makes them bigger than they are and feeds into their propaganda. Obama went so far as to state that closing GITMO would put a kibosh on their recruiting efforts. Well, something tells me ISIS isn’t concerned with GITMO, considering their successful attacks in Istanbul, Baghdad, and Jakarta — not to mention what they’re inspiring even here in America.

As reported by CNS News, “Islamic State militants on Saturday killed dozens of people, most of them pro-government militiamen, in wide-scale attacks on government-held areas of the eastern city of Deir el-Zour, opposition activists said.

The opposition activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 135 people were killed, at least 80 of them soldiers and pro-government militiamen and the rest civilians, in the attacks which saw the group make significant advances in the contested city.

The Islamic State group controls most of the province and provincial capital with the same name, while the government controls a few neighborhoods in the northern part of the city and the adjacent military airport. The state news agency SANA said IS militants committed “a massacre,” killing dozens of civilians in Baghaliyeh village. It did not elaborate. The Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV, which is close to the Syrian government, also reported a massacre and said IS killed 280 people, including women and children, and threw their bodies in the Euphrates River. It said the group took more than 400 civilians hostage.”

I suppose the president has been too busy singing “Oh Happy Day” since he gave the bank over to the Iranians. Probably Iran told him they’ll assume the mission of taking on ISIS. God knows, thanks to Obama’s release of $150 billion to Iran, they’ll be able to prop up Assad and Hezbollah, as well as their own Quds Force. And wasn’t Obama asking for millions of taxpayer funds to support Syrian rebels who are fighting against whom? It appears the Syrian rebels are on the side of ISIS and both are fighting against the Assad regime.

And let me be clear, if Assad goes, Syria will be overrun by Islamic jihadists. Why do I say so? Well, just look at Libya, where Obama used American military power to ensure Khadafy was deposed — ISIS now operates out of Libya. Obama also said Hosni Mubarak must go, and look who replaced him — the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi.

So during the State of the Union address, Obama used his typical partisan political platform to demand that Congress send him an Authorization for Use of Military Force. Hmm, why, why would they do that when President Obama has not clearly laid out a strategic plan?

As a matter of fact, if you consider all he’s done in the Middle East, he’s created more chaos and propped up more Islamist groups than ever. And that includes the number one state sponsor of Islamic terror, Iran.

Let’s all be honest, there’s nothing being done by a massive coalition led by America against ISIS — or any Islamic terror group. The Taliban has reemerged and controls more territory than ever since 2001. Al-Qaida’s global network has expanded, as witnessed by their attacks by affiliate Al-Qaida in the Maghreb in Mali and the small West African country of Burkina Faso. Nope, we cannot be the world’s policeman, but instead of releasing more jihadists from GITMO, we should be taking the fight to these savage barbarians, unless the intended goal of the Obama administration is for the Islamic jihadists to be victorious.

And if some of y’all would stop being cheerleaders and look at the facts, you would see that’s a plausible deduction.

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