Mike Rowe UNLOADS surprising take on background checks (and Donald Trump)

We recently reported on the White House emailing celebrities talking points to push gun control. Not surprisingly, many of those celebrities tweeted out those talking points word for word without a semblance of original thought.

One celebrity was feeling a bit left out after the news broke: Mike Rowe.

Rowe is becoming well known for his extremely articulate and insightful political commentary that appears on his Facebook page. So perhaps it’s no surprise one of the few freethinkers in the public sphere was NOT asked to peddle those talking points.

Rowe took to his Facebook page to explain what he thinks the cause of that exclusion was – and why those talking points are flat out wrong.

And he closes by saying, “…if our elected officials are going to rely on actors and comedians to advance their political agendas, let’s not limit them to 140 characters or a list of pre-approved talking points. Seriously, where’s the fun in that? In the name of authenticity, let’s encourage our celebrities to use their own words.

Hey – it seems to be working for Trump…”

Hello Friends

I’ve just received a request from The White House! On behalf of The President, I’ve been asked to share…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Friday, January 15, 2016

When is the last time you saw that level of articulateness on a political issue from any liberal Hollywood celebrity? Your answer was probably “never” – which is why they have to have their talking points fed to them.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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