Brainwash: New research confirms conservatives’ WORST nightmare about US colleges

Conservatives have talked about liberal bias in academia for so long it’s almost become cliché, but it wouldn’t be repeated if there wasn’t any truth to it.

In his book Left Turn, Tim Groseclose could only find one college major where Republican professors outnumber Democrat professors: finance. Every other major outside of business has a ratio where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a high multiple.

Faculty bias is no myth, and as reported by The Daily Signal, it’s a problem on the rise:

During the past quarter century, academia has seen a nearly 20 percent jump in the number of professors who identify as liberal. That increase has created a lopsided ideological spread in higher education, with liberal professors now outpacing their conservative counterparts by a ratio of roughly 5 to 1.

In 2014, 60 percent of professors identified as “liberal” or “far left,” according to the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, as reported by The Washington Post’s “Wonkblog.”

Compare that with 1990 survey data, when only 42 percent said the same.

While academia has shifted dramatically to the left, professors on the right have dropped off.

The number of professors who identified as “conservative” and “far right” during the same time span fell by nearly 6 percent while the number of “moderate” academics dropped by 13 percentage points.

But these statistics are just looking at identification of “liberal” or “conservative.” In other words, they’re looking at ideology. When it actually comes to behavior at the voting booth we see an even larger gap.

Daniel Klein, a professor of economics at George Mason University, said the reported 5-to-1 ratio is “not very meaningful” because the terms “liberal” versus “conservative” have become “exceedingly troubled.”

Instead, Klein predicted the imbalance between faculty who vote Democratic compared with those who vote Republican is closer to 9 to 1 or even 10 to 1.

Well, all I can say is that I’m glad I majored in Finance.

[Note: This article was written by The Analytical Economist]


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