If what the State Dept just said about Iran is true, we should just SURRENDER now

We shared with you earlier this week the humiliation suffered by our U.S. Navy Sailors at the hands of the Iranians who captured them earlier this week. The photos and the video released by Iran in the aftermath of the incident all appeared in clear violation of the Geneva Convention Article 13, which governs the treatment of prisoners of war and requires captors to protect prisoners against “insults and public curiosity.”

Well, now the Obama administration is arguing Iran did not violate the Geneva Convention after all. And their reason is very troubling.

As reported by The Hill:

The 10 American sailors captured by Iran this week were not covered under protocols of the Geneva Convention because the United States is not at war with Iran, the State Department said on Thursday.

The determination means that the Obama administration will not accuse Iran of violating the convention’s protections for prisoners of war, as many critics accused Iran of doing with its treatment of the sailors.

“The Geneva Convention applies for a time of war between nations, and we’re not at war with Iran,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “So it’s difficult to see how the provisions of the Geneva Convention can be applied here or us citing them as violations of it, because we’re not at war with Iran.

“If we were at war with Iran or another country, then, yes I think you could look at what happened as a breach of the protocols in there,” he added. “But they don’t apply.”

This is disturbing. It appears the Obama administration will do and say anything for Iran. That includes throwing our own members of the military under the bus. They’ve just validated Iran’s belligerence and despicable actions towards our Sailors. If the State Department’s assertion is correct, then why did Iran force our Sailors into a position of surrender and submission, ordering them at gunpoint to their knees with hands above their heads?

We have indeed been at war with Iran since they stormed our embassy and took hostages. Iran was behind the Beirut barracks bombing that killed some 234 Marines and Sailors. Iran provided the deadly explosive force penetrators that were responsible for deaths and maiming of our men and women.

So this position begs the question, who does need to obey the Geneva Convention? Heck, the Obama administration is busy releasing Islamic terrorists, who by the Geneva Convention — as non-state, non-uniformed, unlawful enemy combatants — are not deserving of any “rights.”

President Obama and John Kerry have just given the green light to Islamic terrorists and their state supporters — which is what Iran is — to do as they wish with our men and women if captured. Since Obama has told the global Islamic jihad we are not at war, and combat operations have ended, then this statement means they are not bound by the Geneva Convention – as if they would care anyway.

I must ask the repeated rhetorical question, on whose side are Obama and Kerry? There is nothing, not even the honor of our own military, more important to Obama and Kerry than appeasing Iran. The day cannot come soon enough that we rid ourselves of these two traitors – yes, I said it, traitors. If you have a better explanation, I am waiting to hear it.

Obama and Kerry just gave approval to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Force, the militant wing of the Supreme Leader Khameini, a declared terrorist organization, to abuse our men and women in uniform. That, folks, is certainly aiding and abetting the enemy. And soon they will get $150B — that’s what I call providing material support and comfort to the enemy.

There are five Americans still held hostage or missing at the hands of the Iranians. What happens? Obama and Kerry excuse the Iranians. That is treason – and happy to debate any liberal progressive sycophants who would condone this statement and this behavior.

Still trying to get my mind around our State Department’s suggestion Iran doesn’t need to obey the Geneva Convention because we’re not at war. So the only countries required to obey the Geneva Convention are North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan?  Along with undeclared wars against Libya and Syria — that’s only a handful of countries required to obey the Geneva Convention.

China, Russia, Iran and Canada and all the rest of the world can treat our military with contempt because the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply. We should just wave a white flag and get it over with.

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