Obama Told Us We’re “Safe” from ISIS But LOOK What They’ve Just Done…

They’ve been called the JV team and guys who ride around in the back of trucks. They’ve been dismissed as simple killers and fanatics. And even as I type this, ten more unnamed, unlawful enemy combatant Islamic jihadists have been released, heading to Oman, ending up in Yemen. Yemen being the hotbed of Islamic terrorism and home to al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

So far this year — and I could extend this back to last month — it’s been an almost daily occurrence to awake and hear about another Islamic terrorist attack. However, be advised, anyone who dares mention this will be accused of alarmism, stoking anti-Muslim hatred, Islamophobia. And it’s this abject denial and dismissal of this enemy that’s enabled them to enjoy their own “surge” of sorts. Yet, we’re counseled that we can’t “kill” our way out of this. Well, one thing is for certain: we face an enemy that’s hellbent on “killing” its way into this — global conquest.

A week ago, a U.S. Army Special Forces team was trapped by the Taliban. The Taliban now hold more terrain than even since 2001.

Yesterday, we awoke to learn about the ISIS-inspired attack in Jakarta, Indonesia. In that attack, some five were killed. A day prior, we learned of the ISIS-inspired attack in Istanbul where nine German tourists were killed. The day before that, there were two ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks in Baghdad and 29 were killed. (And breaking news just this afternoon shows blasts going off in west Africa — targeting a hotel frequented by Westerners — though details are still very preliminary.)

A fifteen year old boy in Marseilles, France, inspired by ISIS, attacked a Jewish teacher — after all, ISIS did declare that Jews were next. I suppose that means they have all but satiated their barbaric appetite feeding upon the innocent Assyrian and Chaldean Christians, as well as the Yazidis.

We’ve been shown video of the ISIS bomb-making institute there in their declared caliphate capitol of Raqqa. The former acting CIA drector testified this week of the growth of ISIS and their expanded recruiting, yet we were told during the State of the Union address to dismiss what we’re seeing, what the enemy is stating and what their actions are indicating.

Here on our shores, we’ve had the biggest Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11, after our government failed and allowed a female jihadist to enter our nation. In San Bernadino, 14 Americans lost their lives, 21 were wounded and countless others have had their lives changed forever. We’ve had the arrests of two former “refugees” in Sacramento and Houston, who were providing support to ISIS; one had even traveled to the region to fight. And FBI Director Comey has classified the attempted assassination of a Philadelphia police officer as a terrorist attack, by a declared Islamic jihadist who pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Ladies and Gents, there is a global Islamic jihadist movement, but we’re being cautioned to not heed the voices of warning. You just have to ask, what if the people of Europe had listened to Churchill instead of believing the “hope and change” of Chamberlain? A nation does not “avoid” war or confrontation by embracing the policies of denial, appeasement and acquiescence. What that ends up producing are videos of your Sailors kneeling on their Riverine assault boats, hands over their heads, and weapons mounted, silent.

The desire of wolves is to feast upon the sheep. And sheep should never be placed in position of leadership over guard dogs. The movie “13 Hours,” which will be released today, evidences what guard dogs do to wolves. It also reminds us what sheep do when wolves attack. Yes, I’ll be going to the movie this evening; my daughters already attended the world premiere at AT&T Stadium. I’ve read the book, twice.

Everything I’ve mentioned in this writing, save the San Bernadino terrorist attack, has happened in the first two weeks of 2016. There are fifty more to go. What will this year look like? I pray it’s not reflective of these first two weeks. But after the SOTU address and knowing our current administration expressed gratitude to Iran for their exploiting our Sailors –with sheep leading from behind — I have little “hope.”

Let us endeavor as a nation to NEVER find ourselves in this position again.


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