Benghazi victim’s mother SCREAMS 4 brutal words after watching“13 Hours”

It is impossible to watch this video and not feel Pat Smith’s anguish for her son Sean, the State Department official who was murdered at the Benghazi Consulate on 9-11 2012 – or the rest of the victims’ families.

Smith joined Megyn Kelly last night after attending the opening of the new film “13 Hours” in Dallas, Texas. But she was too overcome to watch it to the end.

Smith sobbed as she told Kelly, “I left as soon as Sean came on screen, or the person who portrayed him. I couldn’t handle it. HILLARY IS A LIAR! I know what she told me!”

Smith later said she wants to see Hillary in jail. We can always hope…

God bless Pat Smith and the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty. We pray the truth will be made public once and for all, and justice served to those who allowed this tragedy to occur.

[Hat tip to The Gateway Pundit]


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