Obama’s America: Look what students are now BANNED from doing during basketball games

One of the great rites-of-passage for American youth is playing in or attending high school interscholastic sports competitions. A part of that is rooting on the home team, and getting inside the heads of the visitors. Trash-talking the opponents has gone on for as long as there have been games and if you can somehow toss a good ‘yomama’ burn into the mix – all the better.

Could all that be going away? According to administrators at the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, yes.

In their uncompromising quest to award every one a participation trophy and prevent anyone from ever seeing or hearing anything they may find hurtful, the WIAA (the W should be for “Whining”) has banned high school students from chanting certain words and phrases at basketball games, none of which are remotely close to being hurtful or inappropriate.

In an email sent out to students in December which was obtained by the Post-Crescent (newspaper in Appleton Wisconsin), the WIAA banned “chants by student sections directed at opponents and/or opponents’ supporters that are clearly intended to disrespect.”

That would include such mean, hurtful and offensive terms like saying “AIR BALL” when a player puts up an, …air ball. Other hurtful, offensive and disrespectful language would include:

• “Fundamentals”
• “Sieve”

• “We can’t hear you”
• “You can’t do that”
• “There’s a net there”
• “Scoreboard”
• “Season’s over” (during tournament play)

The news came to light when high school athlete April Gehl tweeted her criticism about the rule changes. She was suspended by her school as a result.

In most high school gymnasiums the visiting team has a much smaller number of fans attending the game. They do their best and cheer their hearts out, but alas cannot produce the same volume as the larger home crowd can. Well, the days of letting them know by chanting “We can’t hear you!” are over in Wisconsin high school gyms. According to the WIAA’s 32-page “Sportsmanship Reference Guide” (32 pages?!) students can now be suspended for saying it.

In the wake of this attention some noted former Wisconsin prep athletes have voiced their support for letting fans be fans. Even the decidedly nastier comments have stuck with some of these athletes and all mostly agree that, in hindsight, the negative comments helped to spark their competitiveness, thicken their skin and help them become better athletes.

This world of academia in America, which is run almost exclusively by liberals, is now focused on churning out entitled, whiny, cry-baby, coddled and protected brats with no coping skills. From “safe zones” to banning the chanting of “air ball” the focus of preventing anyone from ever encountering anything they may in anyway find offensive is the a centerpiece of educators in America.

Math and science test scores? Which direction have they been going since liberals took over? Kids may be graduating without higher math skills, but at least they’re feeling good about it – and apparently, that’s what really counts.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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